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1st April Fuel 'Protest'
Ive seen this doing the rounds, on some forums and facebook. Says 229,000 members are attending...

Have a read:

P.S - for those not going to read it, the basic idea is to NOT fuel up on 1st April, 'to put the joke' on the government.

Lets force the government to lower the taxation on fuel at fill up stations. in theory to lower their prices, please just make sure you don't visit a fuel station on April the 1st, just simply you ensure that you have fuel in your car on that day so you do not have to fill/top up. this will create a massive back log and loss of profit for just one day will make them think that if we threaten to do this often we can make a differ...ence PLEASE FORWARD THIS TO ALL YOUR FRIENDS AND MAKE THE JOKE (APRIL 1ST) ON THEM! NEWS HAS JUST REPORTED PETROL COULD GO UP TO AS MUCH AS £2 PER LITRE CAN ANYONE AFFORD THAT???................. PLEASE HELP!

QUICK UPDATE: county newspaper has published small article online and in papers heres a link to the article to those thinking this is a joke

this is not about loss of profit over one day but merely the concept of having hundreds of thousands of people who are willing to do something may force somebody in power to do seomthing about this
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Wellllll, being American, I'd say the execs/politicians (little difference) are all bellied up to the bar, drinking their subsidized G&T's and having a good laugh at the proletariat.
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Will it in real terms effect anyones profits?
By the end of the week, we'll have purchased the same amount of fuel that we would have that week, just on a different day.
The fuel companies will get the money off you eventually as they supply a comodity that everyone needs... and they know it!
Im not sure if it will work, but i know that a lot of people are behind it. It will be interesting to see what happens on the day. Members on the Facebook group have risen to over 500k (from 200k when i wrote this thread), and ive been receiving the same message from different groups of friends via texts, emails and social networks.
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Hi, guys.
Please, tell me what's the average price for 1 liter of diesel fuel and 1 liter of petrol (RON 95) in a UK's petrol stations?
At the moment petrol (95 RON) in my area is average £1.3291 (€1.5085) and Diesel £1.3910 (€1.5788) using £1= €1.1350

I can't see that this will have any effect at all. As said before, people will just fill up on another day so there will be no difference in overall revenue for the oil companies, retailers or the Government. If you find yourself short of fuel on the 1st April are you really going to park up until midnight to show your defiance, and wait until the 2nd of April before buying more fuel and carrying on your way?

If people want to reduce the amount of money that they hand over through fuel purchases, then ride a bicycle or use public transport.

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If everything seems to be going well, you have obviously overlooked something.

1,3 Pounds? Per liter?
Mmmmm... For such price you must have golden curbs on all roads.
Do you have it?
(28-03-2011, 02:07 PM)pk7478 Wrote:  1,3 Pounds? Per liter?
Mmmmm... For such price you must have golden curbs on all roads.
Do you have it?

No, we have big golden holes which like to test our cars to the limit!
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  • pk7478
(28-03-2011, 02:13 PM)Andre Wrote:  No, we have big golden holes which like to test our cars to the limit!

I laughed very long time Smile

PS. May be tomorrow I'll show you a pictures of our roads.
Here's prices for fuel. Pictures made today.
1GBP = 45,4 RUR

[Image: img1267ux.jpg]

[Image: img1328y.jpg]

Line with "DT" and "25,20" means price for diesel fuel in RUR


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