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1.6HDi Cruise Control
Upgrading to Cruise control - I hope?
Berlingo 55 Plate 1.6HDi (diesel) Multispace Desire. 9HXC engine without FAP and 5 speed manual gearbox.
Checked BSI and it has Cruise (RVV) and Speed Limiter options available, checked Injection ECU and it has Cruise option and over-speed options.
Car has a clutch switch (now working - another thread) and two brake switches (1 x 4 wire unit).
Fitted the CC stalk and Comm2000 shows all CC switches working ok - using Lexia3 & laptop;
Enabled Cruise (RVV) in BSI and it programmed ok. (using code 03114)
Enabled Cruise in Injection ECU and programmed (sleep time out) ok.
Lexia3 ECU Parameter checks show CC stalk switches all ok, clutch switch ok and both brake switches ok
Assembled a short version of 'How Cruise Works' -
.pdf   Operation of Cruise Control - Manual.pdf (Size: 218.69 KB / Downloads: 25) THEN STILL NO GO!! :brickwall:
Have since tried enabling the speed limiter options just in case they were needed in this ECU S/W version - that just brought up a accelerator pedal fault (read another thread that that can happen if the actuator is the wrong type). Confusedillyme:
Then tried resetting both ecu's to original settings and then carefully programming just the Cruise in the Injection ECU first with an extended sleep time allowance and then the BSI. Still the same? Sad

I have one pre-exiting Injection fault - Pre-heat Relay P1351 - must be duff feedback from the relay as the engine is starting on the button in the cold. I'll sort that one later.

On a run to test the CC - Speed was up to 50mph in 4th (also tried again in 5th) when I operated the CC 'on' switch and then operated the '+SET' switch to memorize speed - nothing other than a slowdown when I lifted off the throttle. Tried several on/off cycles and +set or -set operations to try and get a memory set -- no go Sad
After any test run I have one new fault, a new Injection fault, Remote temporary fault P0565 Cruise Control Comms Error or Incorrect Data.
The data recorded for fault;
Engine - 738rpm (always a value <1k rpm)
Vehicle speed - 0kph
CC Request - CC and Speed Limiter not selected
Injector Flow - 6mg/cp
Engine status - Initialization

Data looks wrong to me as speed was @50mph before touching the CC, but this is a repeatable fault.
The only other Lexia3 issue I have found is that it does not 'recognize' the ABS ECU.
The vehicle spec says its a Bosch ABS8_0. My Lexia menu has Bosch 'ABS8_0, ABS8_1 & ABR5_3'.
The ABR5_3 does not connect (ok), both the ABS8_0 & ABS8_1 connect and interrogate the ecu IF you override the Lexia warning? :whistle:
They both give the same ECU ID information PSA ref 9660779880, S/W Ver 01.05, Diagnostics Ver. 0E, Bocsh No 91699140.
Neither show any stored faults or obvious ABS configuration problems.
I have all of the id data for the Bosch Engine (Injection) ECU if that would help anyone?
My understanding is that the Injection ECU gets speed data from the ABS ECU and the CC requests come from the Com2000 both over the CAN bus.
The speedo is working ok (vehicle speed data from ABS ECU) as is the Rev Counter (engine speed data from Injection ECU) both via CAN bus to Instruments?
Any experts out there can suggest what to investigate next?? Confusedalut:
My Lexia3 is a Chinese version with S/W V43.5 if that helps.
Running out of ideas :S
Got some more info from the French Car Forum on this.
The 1.6HDI without FAP has a software block in the BSI that stops CC from being activated. :brickwall:
The options are there in the BSI and Injection menus but the BSI blocks the on/off switch data and the system throws a wobbly when you try to engage CC. Confusedcratch:
The later 1.6HDi's with FAP and the later injection set-up may have CC that can be enabled??
The 2.0HDi's never got blocked and can be retro-fitted no problems.

Guess I'll have to settle for no FAP and no CC - not too bad a trade off! :wave:

Thanks to Rustscrat and CoCo for the early pointers. Confusedanta:
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