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Citroen Dispatch.....
Hi all,

I'm hoping someone might be able to advise me here.....Confusedcratch:

Been to look at a Dispatch today :thumbsup:

It was a 2002 1.9D with 122,000 miles on the clock.

The van has been declared SORN for a few weeks now and not moved.

Now the first thing I noticed was a small puddle of water in the passenger footwell.

Also, there was what looked like an orange engine light on for a while when the ignition was turned, but it went off after driving for a while.

The brakes seemed to grind a bit, but I was assured they had been changed, do you think the grinding might be because it has not been driven for a while?

The heater blowers seemed to have a mind of their own, but I can soon remedy that:whistle:

My main concerns were this puddle and the orange light (it was like an engine shape with what looked like arrow shapes in it)

Any advice or opinion would be greatly appreciated.
Hi Merlecollins I am not sure what the Engine light could be, but i do know that these vehicles have a problem with there heater matrix leaking in to the footwell.
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  • Merlecollins
(09-12-2012, 07:49 PM)Scottie 25 Wrote:  Hi Merlecollins I am not sure what the Engine light could be, but i do know that these vehicles have a problem with there heater matrix leaking in to the footwell.

Cheers Scottie :thumbsup:

Is that a big job to put right? Could that be what is illuminating the engine light?
(09-12-2012, 07:54 PM)Merlecollins Wrote:  [quote='Scottie 25' pid='32214' dateline='1355082582']
Could that be what is illuminating the engine light?


It will be some fault with the engine. You will need to have the code read to find out what's wrong
The grinding noise is probably just some rust on the discs. My Pug 406 used to suffer dreadfully from it. Leave it overnight on a rainy day and it would sound dreadful for the first few brake applications. Mind ewe I do say probably.

Stupid computer!
Security system should not fail safe!
Security system should fail dangerous!
If the drain holes in the scuttle under the bonnet are blocked with leaves, you could get a puddle of water inside as it overflows and comes through the heater - worth checking as it's a simple fix. Might even explain the heater problem?
Hi Guys

Martin 1485 has just mentioned this but it's worth mentioning again- I've just solved a problem with water collecting in the drivers side and some collecting in the passenger side too. Before you go spending £129 for a replacement windscreen, lift up the bonnet undo the six self tappers on the black vents at the base of the windscreen in the engine compartment by the window wipers and remove vents, put screws in safe place. Give around the vents a good clean if you have leaves collecting including mud!
You may notice a large pool of rain water behind the vent orifice, put your hand into to water and feel for a drain hole, there is one either side, once found stick your finger in and the water should gush out onto the floor. Wipe around replace vents give yourself a pat on the back just saved yourself a new windscreen and seal. Job done.
What gave it away for me was the fact the inside of the screen was bone dry, I couldn't understand where the water was coming in from, just goes to show a little common sense and believe you me i only have a little common sense, problem solved. I am well chuffed.
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Can you find a 2.0 HDI possibly.

In the dispatch the 1.9 takes a real settle back and go with the ( slow ) flow type thing.

Best Mark.

I think that the OP was looking for the 1.9 Dispatch in 2012.


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