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Eml/limp home
Hi guys help needed.
i've just bought a 04 2.0 hdi desire berlingo 95 miles later i started it and it went into limp home mode(i presume it was, as it would not rev over 2500) that was saturday. sunday morning all well then monday drove ten miles engine management light came on but still drove ok next time i started it its in limp home mode eml still on got home, after two hours eml still on but not in limp home mode. i bought from a Citroen dealer and have limited warranty so not as bad as could be. going in to have fault read but not until the end of the week so if any of you can give me some idea of possible causes i can then spend the next couple of days worrying oh by the way its got 104k on the clock and appears to have been maintained well (All most full service history one owner) many thanksSad
Could be anything.

There is no point trying to diagnose this
1) Without the codes
2) You're having it sorted anyway.

Ask to see the diagnostic which will give you the codes, you can then back check that it has been sorted

Let us know how you get on
EML and possible causes? It could be ANYTHING!
Somedays you're the pigeon, Somedays you're the statue.
I had an C3 do it.
Once it had had its entertainment with me, the RAC guy,and his fault reader (couldnt find any) it was normal service resumed.
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  • Ian A
Hi, Thankfully my Blingo 2.0 HDI runs just brilliantly but l also have a SEAT Altea which had problems as you've described.When l first got it, a 2007 SEAT Altea 1.9tdi (32k miles), it went into limp mode several times in the first 10 days with much the same symptoms. The seat dealer claimed no fault code was showing and basically didn't care however one of the mechanics told me it was a common fault if the car hadn't been driven above 40mph for a while or driven round town without a chance to warm up properly. He suggested adding Forte diesel treatment to an almost empty tank and leaving it in 3rd gear while booting it down the motorway!! So l did and its not happened since. Search wikipedia and you'll find VW engines are particularly prone to limp mode. I also use Millers additive now each time l fill up. No more limp mode in the last 17 months. Okay so its not a Citroen but l'm sure it applies just the same. Its also worth mentioning limp mode rarely shows a fault code!! Diagnose it the old fashioned way.
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  • Ian A
Just to add to the speculation, I had a 1.9TD Alhambra with similar symptoms. Turned out to be a knackered turbo

Stupid computer!
Security system should not fail safe!
Security system should fail dangerous!
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  • Ian A
In your case take it back to the dealer and get them to sort it.
However in the long term it is worth buying a scanner off ebay or similar an example is which has got to be worth £25.
Your fault is likely to be a minor electrical fault or sensor problem but without a code reader you have no chance.
It is worth noting that once reset the EML it won't necessarily come on straight away even if the fault is still present. Some faults are stored as pending until they are detected a number of times then the EML illuminates. Code readers will show these.
I had a fault on a VW tdi which turned out to be a split on a small vacuum hose leading to the EGR valve. Without the code reader I would not have known where to start, (99p to fix!) Another EML light turned out to be a faulty temperature sender unit, (less than a fiver to fix.) The code readers pay for themselves the first time they are used.
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  • Ian A
Not being arsey but I think I would take it back to the Citroen dealer with the fault still active and let them diagnose straight away. If you go back a week later then the fault may have cleared itself only to re appear at a later date, possibly when you are out of warranty.
Another thought, my local main dealer tried to charge me upfront for a diagnostic test while my motor was still covered by a Citroen Select Used Vehicle Warranty and stated that if "No Fault Found" then this cost would be out of my pocket and not chargeable to Citroen Warranty.
Further thoughts, There are "dealers" and there are "stealers" and there are so called factory trained experts who have not got a damn clue.....
Have a look through some of mine and other peoples postings regarding a fault code scanner, after months of sitting on the fence I finally bought one and it works on 2.0HDI (Not all devices will communicate with this engine)

Good luck and let us know the outcome
Berlingo Multispace 2.0HDI '54 reg Mediterranean Blue
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