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Wierd central locking fault
Thanks for the encouragement but I've tried again to get it apart with a spudger and it's not budging so I'm going to send it somewhere tomorrow and get it tested and hopefully repaired. They all seem to be about £125 plus postage with a 2 year warranty so not too bad.
So where does this bit go then ?
I've put the BSI back together and refitted it so I can use the car as I needed to move some stuff. I am no nearer fixing it but have found someone local who will have a look at it for me next week. The ones on the net do not inspire confidence when they say they will test it for £60 and if they can repair it it will be about £120 to £140 plus return postage. Turnover is 5 to 10 days and I could still end up just getting my BSI back in the same condition.
So where does this bit go then ?
I can't remember the details of your problem as there are a couple of threads on the subject, is it that only some of the doors will open / close? If Rustcrat's diagram is correct for your car, there are 2 relays involved, it seems unlikely that both have failed which puts the problem down to a dry/corroded joint somewhere.
Hopefully your local source will be able to diagnose & fix it without great expense.
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My problem is the exact same as the first post in this thread. I don't think the cost for the repair is too much but the repairers do not inspire confidence charging £60 for testing and then including that cost in the repair. They have no incentive to rep[air once they have your money. I'm probably being over sceptical but that's how I feel at the moment.
So where does this bit go then ?
Maybe one of the door actuators has gone faulty, or perhaps the wiring to the actuators? It's a bit of a faff but you could try to disconnect them all in turn. Starting with the front doors, you could disconnect the wiring plug from the door frame to the door. The connector there twists somehow, there are some descriptions in threads related to the external temp sensor.
You could also test the actuators in turn with a battery, but if my reading of the diagram is correct, you should only test them when they are isolated from the wiring as both legs are earthed at the BSI by default.

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