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Wierd central locking fault
Hi Guys, I've owned my 2004 Berlingo Multispace Forte for 4 years and has been relatively trouble free but he central locking has developed a strange fault overnight.

Pressing the keyfob results in the side repeaters flashing but locks don't unlock, using the key in the drivers door only unlocks the drivers door. Once inside pressing the button on the dash doesn't unlock the remaining doors.

Once all the doors are manually unlocked, pressing the dash button or the key button or turning the key in the drivers door will lock the side doors only but not the other doors.

I've tried a BSI reset and can't see any obvious damage to wiring, the battery in the fob is obviously OK as is the receiver in the car, As the side doors lock and there's only the one fuse I'm assuming that the fuse is OK.

Anyone have any ideas?
Hi Stevep it could be you door Actuator that is faulty i had the same thing with the wife's saxo i got one from eBay 2nd hand I've seen them on there for a berlingo for about £40 .
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  • Stevep
Hi Chris, Thanks for the reply, is that the solenoid part inside the door?
(15-12-2012, 07:58 PM)Stevep Wrote:  Hi Chris, Thanks for the reply, is that the solenoid part inside the door?

yes it is inside the door . The wires should just clip on Smile
I think I know what the problem is since I had the same experience (mine is an M59 2005). I am assuming it locks ok using the remote. If it doesn't then check fuses first. If it locks but won't unlock then I think the fault is in the BSI unit. The BSI consists of 2 parts, the computer board and the servo board. The computer is working fine, as evidenced by the flashing lights when you unlock, but the unlock signal from the computer board is not getting to the servo board.

The 2 boards are connected by a number of expanding pins. One or more of these will be open circuit - probably just needing a bit of excercising. They are not soldered together, just held together under the expansion pressure. You need to remove the BSI to fix this. The hardest bit is getting all the multiplugs out but, with patience and a good torch it is possible. Once out (remember to disconnect the battery after a proper shutdown) take the unit out of the case and separate the boards. This needs great care as I suspect it is easy to damage both boards. Examine the connections between the boards carefully, under magnification. Remove all traces of corrosion. Reassemble using a good quality contact lubricant or switch cleaner like Briggs SKL. I bet it cures it. If it doesn't, it could be a faulty relay on the servo board so look for evidence of damage to them wile the BSI is out, e.g. overheating, corrosion etc. Good luck
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Hello Mike, thanks for the very detailed answer.

The only central locking that works from either the remote, the dash button or the key in the drivers door is to lock the two sliding doors if they're unlocked, otherwise the locks remain inactive.

I'm hoping that it's not the BSI as it's a real fiddly job to do and I have fingers like sausages! I'll try the fuses first but will have to wait til later in the week now.

Thanks again.

Hi, with the drivers door open, try locking using the fob.
Do the doors lock and then unlock?
Also is the interior light working as it should on the front doors ie fading out after a short while when the door is shut?
If I'm looking at the correct drawing all the doors should lock/unlock together as they are on the same same leg. the only difference is that the side doors have no feed back switches.
Let us know what you find.:thumbsup:
2006 2.0hdi 600 with bench seat.  Cool
Hi Rustcrat, appreciate your help.

I suspected that all the door locks would be on the same fused circuit as the handbook only shows one fuse for locking.

The interior light works as expected, i.e. comes on when the door is unlocked, fades out about 30 seconds after the door is closed or when the ignition goes on, comes on again when the key is taken out of the ignition and fades about 30 seconds after the door is either closed again or locked with the key or fob button. (should it go out as soon as the doors are locked, I see it most days but I can't say that I ever took any notice of it)

With the drivers door open and pressing the lock button on the fob the front door locks don't make any attempt to lock, the sliding doors make a clunking noise once and then do nothing else. In fact, the car stops responding to the fob then and I have to lock and unlock with the key to try again.

Hope all that that makes sense?
I'm wondering if your system is a dead lock system.
If you could P/Mail me your Vin No. I'll be able to dig out the correct drawings. Confusedalut:
2006 2.0hdi 600 with bench seat.  Cool
(17-12-2012, 05:13 PM)Rustscrat Wrote:  I'm wondering if your system is a dead lock system.
If you could P/Mail me your Vin No. I'll be able to dig out the correct drawings. Confusedalut:

On it's way, thanks.

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