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Breakdown Cover
Any experience of these outfits for breakdown insurance?

The Green Insurance Co
Kwik Fit

Those are in price order £25 - £50

GreenFlag wants £60 ,Tesco/RAC want £95,
AA demands £130:eek:

Thats a pretty wide range for the same cover level
I know the first lot and Green flag operate by localised franchise but
is it a case of paying for a name or is it getting only what you pay for?

I dont bother with it myself-its for my lad who is an expert on the Xbox but is flummoxed when washer bottle is empty.Confusedcratch:
Check what cover you get, clauses etc. I'm with RAC at the mo through a bank account I have and even if I'm a passenger in someone else's car they will come out if needed, which has happened. The
AA did the same for my lads cars too. It will pay you to do a little bit of digging on your list, check the schedules that the less well known recovery people offer, penalties for call out, how many in one year before costs are incurred etc. Like yourself I try to do my own thing but needed cover for my missus / lads due to working away offshore at the time. The web may throw some light on the selection you've got
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Hello Evdama,

I have no direct experience of the breakdown services you list but having been involved in the motor insurance industry for many years I have looked into the insurance based services and have found that outside of the 'big 3' they use local sub contractors to provide a service.

The quality of service you get is going to be dependent upon the quality of the local contractor that gets sent out, could be the best or worst in the world. Most of the insurance based covers will limit the number of call out's, the distance from home and could have other restrictions so worth a careful look at the full terms before parting with your hard earned.

I'd rather pay a few quid extra (within reason) for the peace of mind of having access to a reputable service if the need arises. My daughter passed her drivers test early this year and found RAC cover advertised on a Facebook link for just £39, it's not the full 'relay' type service but would get her some quick attention if needed. it's worth a look around for special offers like these.
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Got my AA cover a good bit cheaper through Citroen.£85 incl wrong fuel and puncture repair, at home, relay covered etc.
If you have AA buildings / contents insurance it seems there's a promo on where you get free car breakdown cover.
Former 2011 Mk3 XTR owner Confusedalut:
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Cheers chaps
He is getting basic RAC cover "free" with his motor insurance renewal (which incidentally is down to £900 this timeBig Grin)

They are offering an upgrade to a full cover but I wanted to know the standalone price before agreement -Bank of Mum and Dad etc.

The only cover I ever had to use was a Green flag operated Citroen one that came with my Mk2.
The only Citroen that broke down too -just once -it airlocked its fuel.
The local franchised guy was out within 20 mins at 6:30 on a sunday morning.
By then the beast had fixed itself but he was still very civil...
Have a look at this lot, if you haven't already;-

I've been with them for a few years and when I've needed them they've done the business
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(17-12-2012, 02:54 PM)Coco Wrote:  Have a look at this lot, if you haven't already;-

I've been with them for a few years and when I've needed them they've done the business

Forgot about them completely -my dad had membership through CSMA.
Still inviting his renewal dispite the fact hes been feeding the worms for 5 years now -they wont take no for an answer!
We just got our AA renewal through. £150-odd. Absolutely extortionate. As we only have the one car between us, we don't need the joint cover they signed us up for. We don't need the 'Gold' membership they decided to sign us up for as 'long-standing members'. Checked their website and saw that they charge £76 for the same cover as we had last year, just related to the car rather than us as individuals. Phoned up and that's what they gave us.
So, their 'reward for loyalty' was to charge us double what we needed.

But on the other hand, the AA don't (usually) contract out to local garages, so aren't in a conflict of interest situation. In fact, their patrols get penalised if they arrange a tow too many times.
The Bus: 2009 MkIII VTR HDi 90, 7 Seater
Agree with Stevep - we get cover via Green Flag through an ancient HSBC policy and the contractors have always done the biz for us whether local or more distant. Good reports for Britania too.
'56 Multispace 1.6HDi - Iron Grey
Been with the AA since '94.
Used to be £35 for basic (roadside) cover, it's now £70 for the same!
Only used them twice in that time.
Bit like bank accounts; can't be bothered to change.
Know if I cancelled, I would breakdown tomorrow!
Should really research my options though....
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