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Partner 2.0 HDI Starting / Stop light
Being new to the Partner i just wanted to check what i am seeing when i start the vehicle is normal or if there is a specific start protocol i should be following.

When i put the key in the ignition and turn on (not starting the engine) the stop light comes on for a brief moment then goes out. I then turn the key to start the vehicle and as the engine turns over the Stop light flickers momentarily and then goes. No stop lights whilst driving or anything else just when starting.

Is this normal, I assumed the 1st stop light was glow plugs warming but not entirely sure if im on the right lines.

Appreciate any info from 2.0 HDI owners on this



Forgot to mention, its a 2004 (54) Partner 2.0 HDI with 48k on the clock and full dealer service history. No reason to suspect anything is wrong just never had a diesel before.


Hi, firstly it sounds as if you have made a good choice of vehicle - it does take time to build confidence in any new car- if you are any good at taking snaps let us have a look at your jalopy.

The STOP light does not come on momentarily on start up on my 2.0hdi Partner 03. The STOP light can be linked to a variety of issues - if you have a handbook have a look at 'Instruments and Controls' pages 29 and 30. It seems to be only a matter of concern if the STOP light comes on while driving. Do a search for 'Stop Light Flashing on the Dash', it can be necessary to keep the brake fluid fully topped up.

The glow plugs warming light is titled 'Diesel engine preheat warning light' and is picture on page 30. It only comes on when the weather is very cold, if it doesnt come on you can start up right away.

It would be interesting to hear how matters develop/resolve.
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As far as i am aware it is normal as mine does it , as long as it is not lit when the engine is running then there is nothing to worry about, the glow plug light comes on about 2 degrees or below i think and should look like the picture below and it situated in top left corner

[Image: 2a7tz83.jpg]

Check this link , is this what you mean
Yes same as per that video
I would take it as being normal as mine does same , like i say as long as it not on once the engine has started it be fine.
It should come on, its just to let you know the bulb /led is working, not that theres a fault
Hi Brodfather, it does not go out with the rest as such. It comes on, goes off then flickers on when starting the engine but as soon as the engine starts goes out and does not flicker again.
(24-12-2012, 11:23 AM)cola Wrote:  Hi Brodfather, it does not go out with the rest as such. It comes on, goes off then flickers on when starting the engine but as soon as the engine starts goes out and does not flicker again.

I see what you mean (just looked at the video) , Is it just the oil pressure being low when starting which causes the STOP light to show as no pressure before the full pressure reaches the pressure sensor then rising to show as being OK that causes the slight pause/flicker before going out?

I dont think you have anything to worry about.


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