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Hello from Oxfordshire
Owned our 2003 1.6 Petrol Berlingo Desire for almost 3 years now and have only just discovered this forum today.

We were thinking of selling ours and getting a slightly newer one, but after being offered only £1400 as a trade in on a 2007 Berlingo the other day, we might just hang on to it for another while. it's worth more to us than that. Been very reliable up until last month when it needed a new starter motor. Before that the only thing that ever went wrong was a blown fuse.

MOT is due in about a month so have a few things to sort out. Got an advisory about worn brake discs last time so that will probably need doing.

Coming up to 64,000 miles now so it's timing belt time. Just got a quote this morning for £265 including VAT to replace the belt, parts and labour.
£321 total if I want to change the water pump at the same time.
Does that sound reasonable?
I was actually expecting a higher price, hence thoughts of trading in.
Is it recommended to change the water pump at the same time? The garage I was talking to said it's not necessary.
If i remember correctly, ours was about £180 all in. Im sure it wasnt as much as £265. Let me find the receipt for the job, i should still have it. I bought this kit myself for about ~£80-£95.

Are you planning to do the brakes yourself? It is a very simple job if you have a few tools. The only real issue can be the bolts not coming out easy, hence leading to rounded heads.

The site has been quite over the past couple of days, i tihnk everyone is asleep/camping in their berls.
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It cost me a similar amount for the timing belt on my 2.0HDI including water pump. The garage told me it wasn't required to change the water pump but for the £30 or so it cost, I'd rather it was done, if it fails, it's timing belt off again.

Discs and pads are very easy, 40 to 50 minutes for both sides.
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Thanks all.
I reckon I'll get the water pump done at the same time.

Changing brake pads was something I always did myself in the past. Not sure if I've ever changed discs. Might have. I've certainly changed brake shoes before.
Where we're living at the moment though, we've no driveway. Car is parked on the street which is a bit busy. I've done stuff like change the oil out there but it's not to be recommended.
(21-03-2011, 03:54 PM)eyelight Wrote:  Where we're living at the moment though, we've no driveway. Car is parked on the street which is a bit busy. I've done stuff like change the oil out there but it's not to be recommended.

Makes it easier to drain the oil straight down the grid though ExclamationExclamationExclamationBig GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig Grin

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Welcome to the forumWink
Welcome eyelight

Good to have you on berlingo forum

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