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Milage How many?
Hi I'm new here, I have a 2001 standard 1.9d dont like the HDI stuff had too many probs with them, It has now done 315000 and sounds like new, anyone else got a high milage one? I have had it 5 years and been to Italy about 200 times in her, over 1000 miles at a time, its never once failed, tried one trip in a vivaro never got back, I trust this van, why cant we buy a new van with a standard engine in, they made a good block bad by fitting the hdi set to it, might not be as fast but at least you know you will get there and back with it.....just wondered anyone else got massive miles on there van, obviously I stay on top of it with service and maintenance, body is mint too, they dont rust....I was actually going to sell it but when people here the milage they run, so decided to keep it, Love this old van......
That is an impressive mileage. We got a similar amount out of a 2.0 HDI. I must say though, havent you been lucky anyway? I always thought citroen prided itself on its deveolpment of the HDI engine into an efficient workhorse; its hallmark engine(?)

Would be great to see some pics. Where abouts in Italy do you head for?

Glad its served you well..!
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My Hdi just had the common diesel break down starting in fuel tank, filings from the pump hitting the injector pump and killing it, its not luck its just a good simple engine, maybe thats why it got threw out by Citroen/Peugeot cant sell diesel pumps or plug computers in and charge a fortune, its a DIY engine, skimples.....maybe the HDi is more efficient but is more complicated, and for the sake of 2/3 miles per gallon i would rather the 1.9d, I travel to a place a bit from Temi.
Thats what killed ours funnily enough.
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get the standard one, i was wondering does the new shape front end go straight on? i like this van so much i would go to the efffort,
Wow 315000, that is awesome, fair play to you!
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Hi and welcome to the forum
2005 Berlingo Multispace 1.6i Desire (Iron Grey)

If everything seems to be going well, you have obviously overlooked something.

yes well done, you say you service it, how often, which oil do you use, expensive or cheap? Just wondering why in this country we stuggle to believe diesels cant last, in 3rd world countries they do, often rebuilt, re shaped, etc etc. I often think the manufacturers have done a good mind job on us over the years as they know its their profits if we dont keep buying new. Just like bill gates putting a bug on windows so every 60 hours of use it crashes.....everyone knows that......
Sorry in a very anti establishment mood this sick of rip off off world....
(23-03-2011, 12:37 AM)pip-the-dog Wrote:  My Hdi just had the common diesel break down starting in fuel tank, filings from the pump hitting the injector pump and killing it

Surely the fuel filter will pick up any contaminants?

2.0HDI van 113k
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no it passes the filter, they are tiny fragments that block injectores etc, you can change a pump without taking timing belt off but replace and get rid would be my solution, it kills stop start selonoid first. they are a good engine and i really like them for the extra power, but when they go .....its "HUSTON WE HAVE A PROBLEM"

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