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Open tailgate from inside
My Mk2 Berlingo is a day camper conversion and has the tailgate rather than 2 conventional doors. Has anyone worked out a way of opening the tailgate from the inside? I have removed the trim panel and found it should be possible by using a small hinge and a stout bar which would protrude into the inside of the vehicle, through the trim panel. The bar would depress a white plastic component which is depressed by the outside handle. It occurred to me there might be a manufacturer's component that already does this. Does anyone know?
Can't you use the side door?

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Yes, but it's a struggle as you have to negotiate some of the camper's equipment AND a drop in floor level. Not very safe in practice. In the past I have managed to exit by the side door to go to the tailgate and open it. Very inconvenient.
Hi yes im looking to do the same with mine I also camp in mine I use a paka shack on my tail gate. it would be nice to wake up in the morning open the tail gate from the inside & go straight into the paka shack, im going to have a look at mine tomorrow, & see what I can come up with..:wave:
I would be very interested in your solution. It seems very possible but perhaps a little lacking in elegance! Mine would be not be beautiful!
Hi Folks, I had the same thought with my MKII and came up with the idea of using a bonnet release\bike brake cable or simliar.

The end of the release cable would attached to a hole drilled in the lever on the back of the boot handle. The cable sheath would be bolted lower down the tailgate such that a pull on the cable will pull the lever down onto the plastic cone shaped push rod. i.e. do exactly the same thing the boot handle does.

This has the advantage that the deadlock is not defeated, i.e. the cable will only release the boot when the central locking is open.

The lever on the back of the handle is alloy and should be strong enough to have the end of cable fixed or bolted to it.

The release end of the cable could be tucked away at the top of the trim panel, or protruding somewhere more obvious.
I'm not sure how much force would be required, so I'm not yet sure whether I need a lever handle or just a strap on the other end of the cable.

Whatcha think?
I leave the tailgate ajar. I just leave a rubber floor mat over the catch so it won't fully close and the pull the tailgate down. Not finding it draughty as I have an awning over the back anyway.
JesterBushcraft on YouTube showing how to open tailgate easily with a switch, cable & a couple of connectors
(03-10-2014, 04:28 PM)andyp Wrote:  JesterBushcraft on YouTube showing how to open tailgate easily with a switch, cable & a couple of connectors

The older Mk2 has a handle on the outside that you have to lift to open even when the door is unlocked so that modification would not work. You need something to connect to the handle inside to lift it like space hopper says.
So where does this bit go then ?
(03-10-2014, 04:28 PM)andyp Wrote:  JesterBushcraft on YouTube showing how to open tailgate easily with a switch, cable & a couple of connectors

Great idea might have to do this my self Smile

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