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rocker gasket
so the AA man said my glow plugs are the problem[starting] ,now ive got the manifold off i can replace the lower rocker gasket too

does it go on dry or a bit of sealant?

cheers steve
03 1.9DLX van
Guess what ive been doing for the last 1.5h?!

thats right redoing my rocker. I replaced mine with a new gasket about 2months ago, it was a massive pain to fit due to its shape, i got some advice about using superglue and/or silicon to hold it in place whilst you fit it but basically it was a pita!

Its been leaking a bit since i changed it over and really started making a mess this last week so ive been at it again. this time ive taken the gasket off and redone with silicon. just waiting for it to go off now. i hope its all sorted this time :brickwall:
fair play mate, i fitted it today ,as u say it dont wanna play nice!!!!!!!!!!

in the end i tightened slightly the 3 bolts just enough to grip it as i tried to push it place,working my way round, its plenty thick aint!!

hopefully my plugs will be here tommorow so i can start it ,steve

p.s. im also gonna make a thin metal disc to blank the egr pipe,loads of crud in there......
03 1.9DLX van
what a crap design,this gasket keeps popping out and leakin like hell

any ideas?
03 1.9DLX van
Have you tightened the bolts in sequence as per the haynes instructions and torqued them to the right setting?

If it doesn't sit very level it will push the gasket out where it's been over tightened.
havent got a manual mate or torque wrench

i started from the middle bit by bit
03 1.9DLX van
I suspect it may be difficult that way.

There's a sequence in the Haynes that I used and it went back on right. I will have to check what order it says to use. Obviously the torque is quite important to have it sat flush with some consistency with the bolts.

If the gasket is popping out you are over tightening.
found a wrench mate if u got the info ,cheers steve
03 1.9DLX van
I will have a look. I think I have the haynes in the car boot. If so I'll post the sequence etc....

[Image: 8570646593_9d10318a26_s.jpg]

[Image: 8570645951_513b9236c3_s.jpg]

OK, it doesn't specify a sequence for the 1.9 d engine for some reason, but the one above is the sequence for the petrol engine.

The correct torque setting for the bolts on the upper cover is just 10nm or 7 lbf ft, which is not a lot, so chances are you have previously over tightened and squeezed the gasket out.

The lower bolts are tightened to just 5nm or 4 lbf ft, so again not alot of pressure applied to those either.
thanks very much mate ,ill give that a go

what i cant work out is the mating surfaces are flat but the seal has i raised ridge that looks like it should locate somewhere
03 1.9DLX van

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