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whats that noise?
Hi guys,

Had my berlingo for about 6 months now been running perfect up untill now, got a odd noise coming from the engine, can anyone help?

Iv got a 2005 Multispace 2.0 HDI coming up to 58000 miles.

Engine sounds normal when starting up and idle on drive, but when drive/accelerate I get what I can only describe as like a worbleing/wining noise. More noticeable able when take foot off accelerator with less noise from engine. happens when accelerating and decelerating and clutch in and out. Noise has got progressively worse/louder over couple of weeks.

Anyone got any ideas what it might be?
Crankshaft pulley rubbers perished, Just a thought?
(01-03-2013, 08:10 PM)brodfather11 Wrote:  Crankshaft pulley rubbers perished, Just a thought?

Thanks for the response I will take a look. Other than 'looking' what other signs would you see if it was worn? would it wobble when nudged?
Been for a spin with a mate who knows a little more about bout motors and thinks it could be a wheel bearing making the noise.
A wheel bearing is like a rubble jack up the offending wheel and spin it and listen and check for play by pulling/pushing top and bottom. For the pulley have a look around the area for black rubber dust and v small metal particales. There is a few threads on here about it.
Are we there yet????? Huh
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Probably something that everybody else knows, but because of the double race used in these bearings, if you put weight on n/s wheel (turn right) and noise gets worse. this can mean that o/s bearing is worn on 1 side of race, found this out after replacing n/s bearing,input shaft seal and clutch,then gearbox complete and then o/s driveshaft support bearing finally asked mechanic in family who suggested other bearing. now silence is returned, still learned a lot along the way. just hope this might save someone else some stress!

Be interested if any one could tell reason why o/s bearing might last less than 10,000 miles.
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The problem was the wheel bearing, sorted little while back only just getting round to pop it on here.
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@ terry so this means that the normal way of checking the bearing goes out of the window. as i have just replaced one bearing ( near side ) and my noise persists. i know this is a few month old post but its an intersting find for me Smile

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