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Faulty dash? Faulty BSI?Mileage correction?
Hello all I am wondering if anyone can give me a definite answer for this and not a guess.

I have a fault on my 51 plate berlingo in that the fuel gauge is permanently on half full.

The sender was changed in the tank, that mechanic said to get a vehicle electrician to look at it. I did, he tested it and said that the actual dash itself(instrument cluster/clocks) is faulty and told me that it is so expensive to repair that I should get a second hand one from a scrap yard.

I didn't like the sound of that so I left it for a year.

I then asked a garage recently about it and they also said get an old one and they can fit it.

I found a peugot partner 51 plate, the scrap dealer said it was the same van. The dash was digital, the same as mine and has the same long number on the bottom so I'm pretty sure it's the exact same part.

I asked the garage what happens with mileage and they said "is it higher or lower than your existing mileage"? I said I don't know(digital from a flat battery scrap car). He said if it's less then fit it, if it's more then you can fit it but you have to put a sticker on it to say it might not be the correct mileage. Not keen on that idea.

I crossed the road, tried another garage, spoke to their auto electrician, he said he thought that the BSI unit compares it's stored mileage with the new dash and whatever is higher it will default to because it thinks it's being clocked. For example, my berlingo is 90000 miles if this new dash is 180000 miles then the BSI changes to the higher of the 2 which is 180K and that knocks a lot of money off the value of my van and makes it look suspicious when I sell it. "it's really only 90000 just ignore that 180000 miles reading". I can prove to an extent the mileages at mot's but that's not to say I haven't used the van a lot more this year and clocked up lots of miles.

I phoned a mileage correction specialist and he said it couldn't be altered on this model(but didn't ask a lot of questions).

I phoned 2 actual citroen garages and spoke to the workshops. The first said that the BSI unit is correct and will change the reading on the dash I fit to match the BSI unit's reading(different to what I was told before). The second said that he thought that it would just show the new dash's reading, whatever that is(different again)

All these are if's, but's and maybe's.

The problem is, If I plug this second hand dash into my van to try it or even see what the reading is, I may end up with the wrong reading on the BSI.

I phoned BBA reman as they can repair this part(by post) they say they don't do the diagnostics but will repair my part if i post it to them for £99 plus vat plus postage. While on their site I noticed that they say that the BSI units are prone to faults too. Could this be the problem? One of the citroen macnanics had said he's never heard of a faulty dash on a berlingo. Could it be the BSI that works in conjunction with the dash that's the problem?

I'm looking for a definite answer on what happens to the mileage when you fit a second hand(digital type) instrument cluster to a 51 plate berlingo.

The other questions are open to any opinions but the main question please only answer if you are 100% sure from experience.

Anyone can guess, I can guess but I'm looking for a definite answer and I've had about 4 or 5 different opinions so far.

Thanks for any replies.


Hi Gaz and welcome to the forum. I can't answer your question, but hopefully you will get a firm answer on here before long.
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If everything seems to be going well, you have obviously overlooked something.

hi welcome...... not a clue myself but thought BBA reman would??
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Gaz. Welcome to forum.

About instrument panel:
One and only thing you can do is to check fuel indicator using Lexia.
If indicator really dead you must replace it.
Buy used instrument panel and then replace fuel indicator from one to another.
As I know, in M49 and M59 there's not possible to activate instrument panel two or more times.
I'm understand that 542 Euro for new instrument panel it's very expensive, but it's your choice....

We have a 2000 Multispace and 2 years ago the dash went Kaput (fairly common I think). The mileometer defaulted to 600000 miles. Because you cannot just fit a s/hand dash because it has to be coded to your vehicle I bought a brand new dash panel. Now everything works except the mileometer which still reads 600000. I am told that when the dash went kaput it sent the mileage setting to the BSI which sent it to the new dash. I have contacted a couple of advertisers of mileage correction and they claim that it can be fixed at a cost of £200+. Since we will keep it forever we are leaving it as it is.
Thanks all, given me some things to work on. And thanks for the welcome too.Smile
You can correct the mileage on this model, the guy is wrong. I specialize in correction;

The guy who said BSI stores mileage is correct about everything. The best thing to do would be to get someone to read the mileage in the BSI and then make the speedometer the same mileage... shouldn't cost you no more than £100 mate.

Let me know if you need help I will help you.
Hi, from my experience, the Bsi will add both mileages together then display total on dash.
Mileage has to be corrected in Bsi & speedo.

Make sure there is no open circuit from the sender to the BSI as I think the fuel gauge will default to approx half way. Confusedalut:
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