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Hello....and advice please !!
Hi everyone, just joined the forum.I have had 3 previous Berlingos, the last sadly written off when someone hit me in the rear a few weeks ago. Can anyone give me an opinion on the new shape berlingo, I have seen a 58 model 1.,6 HDI 75HP for sale at a good price. Is this engine OK ?, is there anything else I should look out for. What kind of mpg can I expect ?, any advice would be much appreciated before I dive into the unknown.
Many thanks.

Be certain it has a documented S/H.Oil changes are very important.
Have it checked by a pro.Good luck.
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Yes documented service history is a must...ive heard the 1.6 hdi turbos are a bit soft if not looked after...also check all electrics work...
Just what i was told when i bought mine.good luck
As a current MK3 owner and a previous Mk2 owner I would suggest that a late MK2 is a safer bet than an early MK3.
The 1.6 is similar on both and when well cared for is superb - when not its a minefield - search the forum for info on Turbo issues.
Ive had 60mpg from these engines in Mk3's (driving very carefully of course)
Uneven rear tyre wear,and clattery supension is common on early MK3's
As ron / scotty say ,a FSH is vital.
(11-03-2013, 08:13 PM)scotty3968 Wrote:  Yes documented service history is a must...ive heard the 1.6 hdi turbos are a bit soft if not looked after...also check all electrics work...
Just what i was told when i bought mine.good luck

Thanks to you all for your replies. I have spoken to the seller again. He is selling the car on behalf of his father. He says he has a full history of all work carried out on the car, as the servicing was done by his fathers company (and it was a company car ). Only thing is the service book has not been stamped, is this a problem ?. The car has done a little over 50k miles.
Unless your getting it dirt cheap then I would be inclined to let it go.
The engines are not like ordinary traditional ones.
When things go wrong they can be expensive and without names in that book you cannot be 100% sure if its been done right ( or at all...)

Also being a company car I would reckon its been thrashed and thrashed when cold (turbo)
Sorry to be negative but you really have to be careful -trust no-one!
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  • ron
I have to agree with my cynical friend.A certain service history is a must.
Strawberry flavoured windows  Dodgy
.....and so is a stamped up service record....It's very easy to say that the vehicle has been serviced.
Did it get absolutely the correct oil at the right intervals? ESSENTIAL on these engines! Who knows? There'll be no receipts!
I don't think I'd be tempted by that one.....but I don't much like the Mk.3....too big. IMHO the Mk.2 is
a better vehicle.
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