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Roof Leak Berlingo Desire
Hi all,
My 1.6hdi 16v ('57) Berlingo Desire has started to leak water (cupful? after light rain) by the seam by the drivers visor. Googling seems to point more to the bonding coming apart in the roof module (five glass windows) than a loose arial mount.
1. does anyone know where best to fix this (I live in Reading, Berks):
a. citroen dealer (mucho dinero)
b. independent garage (will they know what's what)
c. independent windscreen or glass roof repairer (not Autoglass etc)
d. myself (reasonable diy)
Leading straight on to how is it fixed:
a. take off roof module and reseal (but will it leak again...)
b. pump bath foam sealant into gutter or under seal or in roof!
c. get citroen to admit fault and fix (in my dreams)
d. sell during dry weather (joke)

This appears to be one of those design/materials faults that manifest just after warranty expires but is sufficiently dangerous to warrant a responsible attitude on the manufacturers part - if water pours down while driving the surprise could easily lead to an accident.
I have an extended warranty with a non Citroen company. After any advice from here I shall try them...
If any other Desire owners have/had this water leak I would be grateful to hear from them. Maybe if there are enough we could effect some response from Citroen.
Red Hat.
Suppose, it's a leak from roof aerial.
It's standard case.
(07-04-2011, 10:18 AM)pk7478 Wrote:  Red Hat.
Suppose, it's a leak from roof aerial.
It's standard case.

I would certainly agree with pk, try and take a look at it yourself and get back to us.
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Touch wood, I haven't had this problem (yet?) on mine
2005 Berlingo Multispace 1.6i Desire (Iron Grey)

If everything seems to be going well, you have obviously overlooked something.

That's right, yet.
While rubber gasket is "alive" Smile
Did you manage to work out exactly where the water was coming in (aerial or glass panel)? Any attempts at a fix yet? This is rather concerning as my Berlingo lives outside, so subject to weather, UV, bird shite etc so following this one with interest
2005 Berlingo Multispace 1.6i Desire (Iron Grey)

If everything seems to be going well, you have obviously overlooked something.

I have peered at the aerial mount after prising off the roof light and am unable to see any marks of water ingress plus the outside mount looks totalls watertight to the roof.
I poured water over it - no leak.
and over the windscreen top drivers side top corner - no leak.
then onto the rubber seal (which surrounds the panel holing the five windows (and their seals)) specifically the corner above the drivers head - bingo.
Lots of water coming in by the drivers visor pillar.
This seal looks to be lifting up on its inner edge and preesin down on the roof section between it and the windscreen causes it to sit flush so I believe the roof window panel section seal has gone (ie the internal one under the seal which we can see - the one that actually bonds the roof and panel together).
Where to go from here?
Any suggestions re my previous post requests would be welcome.

From the Citroen Owners forum are these related articles to bring cheer to any Desire owners...
From November 2010
"During a 30 minute journey, (to the dealer) I had to wear full waterproofs - hood up - and towels across all the instrument panels, and buckets on the floor and on my lap as water literally poured into the vehicle. They kept the car for two days, and found that the bonding in the roof panel had come apart. They attempted to re-bond it, and we collected the car again. All went well for about five weeks - no water.

Two weeks ago it started again - not on the grand scale as before, but you could see where it was heading. They took it back in, and had another go at it. We picked it up last Saturday, and surprise, surprise Monday morning, more water.

It now comes to light that 2 sites were set up to deal with these 'problem roofs' in the UK. The whole inside of the car has to be taken out - seats, carpets, everything. The roof has to be cut off, and a replacement put on. I've been told that the fault is with the bonding on the original design spec, and it was changed subsequently.

It is now highly likely that all of the offending vehicles are now out of warranty, and as such, Citroen won't touch them. Our car has only done £22k miles in 3 and a half years. It is not a wear and tear issue - it is a design fault. Citroen UK must have been aware of the design fault when we bought the car, but they still sold it to us. We cannot trade the car in against another one, or sell it like this".

and from APRIL 2006

and also from APRIL 2006..
"Recently had a modutop roof replaced for a customer due to water leaks. It isnt something they let the dealers do as it has to be cut out of the car and rebonded back into place.

Ours had to go to Gefco at Sheerness for repair....."
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  • Chris
Failing a 'proper' solution am tempted to suggest applying silicon sealant (an exterior roofing type is probably better than bath type, to cope with the temperature range it'll encounter) to any obvious gap and/or covering the offending area/join with flashing tape (the aluminium foil-backed sort as used for roofing). An ugly and probably not everlasting repair but should make the car useable in the meantime.

Bit worrying that you've this problem on a 57 Modutop. Mine's on a 53 plate Forte which lives outside but it seems watertight so far (fingers crossed...).
Thanks very much for the update and it sounds like a nightmare.

It would be really helpful to pull together any other evidence of occurrences of this problem to see if this is a widespread issue and what can, or has been done about it. To be honest, it is the first time I have heard of this, so it is somewhat concerning.

Good luck with getting this fixed.
2005 Berlingo Multispace 1.6i Desire (Iron Grey)

If everything seems to be going well, you have obviously overlooked something.

and from July 2010 on Honestjohn website
" I was once in a bodyshop that had the whole roof module out trying to fix a leak in it. It was leaking where the module is bonded into the roof, and they were having a "mare" sorting it out."

If anyone reading this has experience of this roof leak problem or has seen other references to this please also post here.

Shedpete - thanks for your suggestions. My thoughts tend also that way - espec as we're due rain tomorrow, however I have a memory during my google travels on this topic that someone posted that silicone adhesive might degrade the seal? Have I got this right. Also does anyone know a recommended automotive seal? or any thoughts between Sikaflex products or S136 (a mastic like Black Polyurethane (310ml) £10.83) from Seals and Direct /Evo Stik Nail & Seal Adhesive and Sealant / Evostick Serious or...
...just spoken with Sikaflex technical support and they say they have nothing that would bond with rubber (waxy surface)...

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