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Lexia 3 software
So I've picked up a scan tool but the DVD that came with it that has the software on will not install the Lexia application on my laptop. The Peugeot Planet bit works but as I have a Berlingo is obviously useless.
Does anyone here perhaps use the same scan tool and have a disc they could copy me (that works) for a fee?

Why is it not installing? I have Lexia on this PC (just to get used to the interface rather than use it) and it installed first time. Any error messages?
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The instructions on the DVD consist of a folder with some pictures in it. There is no indication however of which icon to click on to get into the install process in the first place.
With the Peugeot Planet folder there are 2 application files, one called 'setup' which is an Intellishield program and the other called 'InstPD'. Turns out the 'InstPD' one actually starts the install.
With the Lexia folder there is also a 'setup' application plus a 'Instlex3' application. If I click on the 'setup' then the Intellishield installer looks like it is going to start but then just disappears. And clicking on the 'Instlex3' icon (which has the Citroen logo in it) just gives a pop-up that says it can't start because a file or folder is missing and that re-installing the application might fix it. The missing file is something like VCL50.bat or some such.
If I had some sensible instructions it would be useful but I'm fairly sure the DVD is not right. And getting anywhere with the Ebay seller is terminally slow. He's now suggesting I send the whole lot back for a refund but I only want a DVD that works, but getting that is like pulling teeth.
Last week I saw one guy on there (username 'p-lexy' something or other ) who was selling just the software for £12 but I can't find that anywhere now. Maybe his DVD works and has some decent instructions?

I've got Lexia installed on one of my machines, so ill fire it up tomorrow and take a look what files are present and get back to you. Hang tight!
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It's a corrupted copy of software.
What version do you have?
It is supposed to be v45. Current version is v46 I believe. Either version that works would do. If you look on Ebay you will see the scan tool I have, numerous traders are selling the same.
The seller has sold 3 or 4 others with positive feedback so either their DVDs were good or they all have Peugeots.

Don't know very much about this, so it's only a guess. Can you not use PP as the Partner is a Berlingo in all but name to all intents and purposes?
Just back from holiday. The seller's supplier has sent me a link to some zipped software, so maybe it'll work.

Don't think the Peugeot uses a CAN bus like the Citroen so the software is not interchangeable.
(24-04-2011, 08:42 PM)c_maguire Wrote:  Don't think the Peugeot uses a CAN bus like the Citroen so the software is not interchangeable.

Sorry, where did you get this information?
(10-04-2011, 04:30 AM)Coco Wrote:  Can you not use PP as the Partner is a Berlingo in all but name to all intents and purposes?

Do you have crossreference between OPRs and DAMs?
Merely an assumption (and not checked as unimportant to me) based on the fact that my Haynes manual electrical diagrams make no mention of BSI's in the Peugeot drawings but do in the Citroen ones. Although when it comes to Haynes manuals the electrical section as it relates to ECU/sensors/etc on any modernish vehicle is totally useless anyway so I am well-prepared to accept that they are fundamentally the same system for Berlingo/Partner.

I would presume though that as Citroen use Lexia and Peugeot use Peugeot Planet there is some difference in the operating system?

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