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Rear Door Handle
Should my '05 Berlingo rear hatch have an interior handle to help close the door? About half way up the interior panel is a webbed strap but its so short its of no use as a handle. Is this the fixing point for one or doesn't it have one? If not, whats the short strap for?

Also the grey paint on my interior front door handle covers has worn off. Does anyone know if they can be bought and what sort of price they may be. My nearest dealer is 25 miles away and as yet l've not had a chance to ask them!

Cheers bigsacs
The painted trim finishes are a menace and wear very quickly (mine had blue painted trim).
It can be refinished either by a bit of careful DIY bodgery (which was my cosen route, finding a paint that looked about right and then painting up after a clean, prime and mask off session) or by utilising a company like "Chips Away" who repair bumpers and the like.
As I remember my Bling had a hand hold in the rear tailgate to help you pull it down.
Had a chance to get to my nearest citroen dealer 25 miles away. They ordered handle trims ready painted for £7 each so to hang with the expense. Should pick them up this Tues.

As for the rear handle, prised off the inner rear door trim and found the last person in there had trapped the webbing strap behind the trim. So now have a handle. Thanks, bigsacs
The front door trims look really rubbish in the way that the paint comes off. I hate any car being scruffy but face a uphill struggle with 3 kids and the sort of typical use, and abuse that our cars seem to suffer. I can add this to the mysterious scrape that has appeared down the sill and across the wheel trim Angry
2005 Berlingo Multispace 1.6i Desire (Iron Grey)

If everything seems to be going well, you have obviously overlooked something.

Back again! I've also taken Father Ted's advice (feels like a confession!!) and painted the old trims with some Hammerite silver. If thats not tough enough l give up! The new ones have a small scrape on them already, aaargh. My dear wife admits to it.
xx bigsacs
I have same problem with the interior front door handle but only on passenger side. Possibly my regular passenger doesn't like my driving and is holding on so desperately that she has worn off the paint.

sliding door handle broke last year but managed to buy a replacement on ebay from poland for £30 and did a diy job - turned out a small metal pin inside the handle had snapped so was able to swop the pins over and reuse original painted handle. Citroen quoted me £700 for the same job claiming they would have to repaint the door!
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(28-12-2010, 01:52 PM)Taynish Wrote:  Citroen quoted me £700 for the same job claiming they would have to repaint the door!

Sounds as though it was such a small job, they didn't want to do it?
'07 Berlingo Multispace 1.6i 16V Desire 5dr in Iron Grey
I have often considered same question...why oh why do Citroen not fit a door handle on interior rear hatch door as its a pain in the ar-e to open from inside, infact you cant....or am I missing a technique?
Is it possible to fit one?
Mine has a webbing strap Pete
Quote:I have same problem with the interior front door handle but only on passenger side. Possibly my regular passenger doesn't like my driving and is holding on so desperately that she has worn off the paint.


On our old Mk 1 Forte trim Berlingo, there was no paint on the interior front door handle. As a result, no problems over 9 years.

When we went to buy a 2nd hand Mk 2 Desire trim vehicle, the one we looked at had a nice, clean interior. The only real problem was the interior front door handle on the passenger side which was badly scratched.

We had never purchased a 2nd hand vehicle before, and my wife really, really likes to buy things brand new, and wasn't really convinced about getting 2nd hand. Even she, however, was prepared to admit that the interior of this Berlingo was clean and in good condition - except for the door handle. We asked the salesman, and he said that the dealership could fix it up. And they did. And it looked great. And my wife and I were both very pleased.

To be honest, we had wondered what the previous owners had done to the handle to make it like that. It's interesting to learn that it is actually a fairly common problem.

And, knowing my regular passenger, if "holding on desperately" is the cause of the problem, it will recur very soon.
Big Grin

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