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Insurance problems anyone?
Has anyone had trouble insuring their Berlingos?

I currently drive a 1.8 Land Rover Freelander and am insured through Post Office Insurance. I phoned them today to tell them that I would be changing to a 2.0HDi Berlingo on Saturday, but the current underwriters for my insurance won't cover me for it Sad So I'm going to have to cancel my policy part way through the year (and lose money) then take out another 12 month policy with another insurer as the Post Office are £200 more than I can get elsewhere.

It's not as if I'm a youngster (as my wife reminds me at every opportunity - "You're gonna be 50 soon"), and the Freelander is a more powerful car than the Berlingo. I imagine that the parts are more expensive on the Land Rover too.

I hate insurance companies - they make me Sick
How much is the fish?
That's very odd. Berlingo's are groups 4-5 whereas 1.8 Freelanders are 10-11
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If everything seems to be going well, you have obviously overlooked something.

Avoid those comparison sites, they come up with wonderful quotes...
As a 40something Class 1 HGV driver with 3 points (don't text whilst driving, stupid!) and 9+ years no claims, those annoying meerkats came up with the following.
Out of a list of 20 or so quotes the highest was £11,500!!!!
Can't remember the lowest; too busy falling off my chair.
Got a fairly reasonable £400 fully comp from the AA, that's the breakdown people not the alcoholic lot.
Try Chris Knott insurance..
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Im sure you will get endless reccommendations on this thread, but if its a van (im assuming!), try eVan. If not, give either Adrian Flux or Quinn-Direct a shout. Ive found Quinn by far the cheapest for me as a young driver, and have heard plenty of good things about Flux, but never seen it in my own experiences!
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hi i found aviva the best for my van 40 ish hgv driver and now i own a betting shop £357 and thats wih 1 years ncb
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12 months later....
My new quote from the AA for the coming year £518!
Last year £403.
That's a rise of 29%!
Nothing has changed relevent to the Policy.
So I phoned the Renewal Hotline, and the suggestion was....Confusedcratch:
Have you tried elsewhere?
Not really trying, are they.
Just under £200 from Saga, up about 10% from last yr. I always shop around but Saga have always been the cheapest for several yrs now.
I shop around every year. It keeps the brokers on their toes!
There are so many trip wires in the insurance industry it's stupid!
I have an 1150cc motor bike that's worth more than my car yet I get FC insurance for £89!!
Quinn-Direct quoted £600+. eBike quoted £102.
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I read in the news over the last week or two that the high insurance premiums are due to these ambulance chasing liability lawyers.
There was one example in the article about a couple who were parking there car in the street,as the guy was squeezing into the space he just scraped the edge of a taxi that was parked there.
They exchanged names and address's as it was only a small scratch and didn't want to get the insurance companies involved.This was agreed by both parties.
About six weeks later the couple got a letter from an injury claims company,the taxi driver was claiming for whiplash injuries,when he wasn't even in the car!

We pay almost €1,000 a year here in Belgium fully comp,but that's basically down to the appalling standard of driving here.
Seat belts? Most people never use them.
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