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HDi Tuning and the Blingo
When I had a Xantia with the 90BHP DW10 donkey I invested in a "Dragon" tuning box.
This made a pleasant difference to the power of the car, made towing more of a pleasure and actually improved the fuel consumption (so i started getting mid 50's rather than late 40's to the gallon).
I couldnt transfer it to the Blingo when I bought it beause the Bling had the Siemens Injection system, whereas the Xantia had the Bosch injection system.

Has anyone "chipped" or tuned their Blingo and noticed an improvement in fuel consumption - that was always a bugbear with me that because of its "chicken coop" aerodynamics it could be made to give low 30's fuel consumption (when being leathered on the motorway with a roof box and trailer) and usually gave low 40's in normal driving.
Hi matey , I considered this also, couple of makes on e bay , one at 200 ish other 400 ish. was really keen to boost bhp up to 110.BUT my insurance said no, and they wouldnt insure me if I did.
So for time being havent bothered. Maybe when I shop around next April for new insurance I might.
From all my research it seems that we are stuffed!

Whereas the Bosch system is ripe for remapping and all sorts of fiddling around, the Siemens one cannot be touched. None of the companies I have contacted offer mapping via the OBD port, I have heard of one who will remove the ECU and then "solder in a new chip" but frankly that's not for me.
Even disabling the EGR, by any of the means available, causes problems - with a Bosch it doesn't even notice.

I have a "Tunit" box from a 406 - helps a bit, but I'd like more..........
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WHEN i SPOKE TO TUNIT or their dealer [cant remember] dealer they said they had a tunit box that would do it, I know wonder , it was 400.00.
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ok so a couple of months away from renewing insurance for another 12 months so seriously considering a tunit box, they claim it will boost my 90 hp up to 110 and give me more mpg.
Ant more thoughts?
Like I say, my Tunit does make a difference. Can't give an opinion against other makes as I haven't tried them, most of the most well known ones seem to have a loyal following so I guess that they all do the job reasonably well. After sales from Tunit has been good though.

Any reason not to consider a proper remap?
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wouldnt know how to do it and tunit box is a simple olug in. Only reason.
I'm also on a different forum and the concensus there is not to bother with the boxes at all. The cost of a remap seems to be no more than a box but with better returns.

Unfortunately, those of us "blessed" with the Siemens system cannot take that route and the box is as good as it gets. I would say that if you are considering a box explore the remap options that may be available to you.

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thanks for advice, how would I go about that? what does it involve? would it affect my 3 yr warranty? Guess it would effect my insurance.
1) Contact one of the many tuning companies, they are all over the country

2) It alters some of the settings - or map - in the ECU. Such things as fuelling, timing, boost etc can all be altered to get more power/economy/torque - whatever you specify. This is done from a laptop via the OBD port on your car, no physical changes.

3) They claim to be invisible to dealers whilst carrying out services & diagnostics etc (on a similar theme, see Tunit's claims regarding damage to engine)

4) As with all alterations to your car, you should advise your insurers. There are specialist companies who are said to look favourably on some mods.

You can find further reading here:-

This is where I started to get interested in it. There is a wealth of information there and they are friendly and very helpful. Keep us posted on what you decide and how you get on

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