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[HOW TO] Door and Dash Speakers
This is how I replaced the door speakers aswell as adding speakers to the dash board

At the end of replacing speakers you will need to set the clock and date

I found the adaptors on ebay the seller is 7xm
Door speakers: Adaptor for speaker PEUGEOT,CITROEN - Peugeot 206
Dash speakers: Adaptor for speaker CITROEN BERLINGO , PEUGEOT tweeters

What you will need:

Speakers - I used Vibe SE K 60 speakers for the door and Vibe SE K 10 speakers for the dash (You can purchase speakers for the dash that twist in but these don't)
Speaker adaptors for door and dash (I found these on ebay the seller is 7xm)
Crimp connector butt

Tools needed:

Adjustable wrench
Torx T20 unscrew the door speakers
Wire cutters (Not to cut any of the original wiring)
A crimping tool
A flat head screw driver for lifting the dash grill
I also needed a phillips screwdriver for wiring the door speakers

These are the speakers I have fitted
[Image: Vibe_SE-K60new-450.jpg]

Step 1:
You must disconnect the Negative battery terminal to protect yourself and your car electricals
[Image: 1.jpg]
Leave this to the side
[Image: 2.jpg]

Step 2:
Remove the door speaker cover
[Image: 3.jpg]

Step 3:
Undo the 4 Torx screws and you may need to keep these so put them somewhere safe
[Image: 4.jpg]
[Image: 5.jpg]

Step 4:
Turn it over then disconnect the plug
[Image: 6.jpg]
[Image: 7.jpg]

Step 5:
Connect the door speaker plug to this speaker adaptor
[Image: 8.jpg]
[Image: 9.jpg]

Step 6:
Attach the ends of the speaker adaptor to the speaker (I used wire cutters to cut the adaptor crimp terminal off)
[Image: 10.jpg]

Step 7:
Put in the 4 screws I used the original screws
[Image: 11.jpg]

Step 8:
Prise off the speaker grill from the dash
[Image: 12.jpg]
[Image: 13.jpg]

Step 9:
Turn the speaker grill upside down and remove the cable from the socket
[Image: 14.jpg]
[Image: 15.jpg]

Step 10:
Use the Tweeter speaker adaptor to connect the speaker
[Image: 16.jpg]
Cut the adaptor terminals off and connect to the speaker with the crimp connector butt
[Image: 17.jpg]

Step 11:
Connect the speaker adaptor and plug together
[Image: 18.jpg]

Step 12:
I put small double sided pads on the bottom to stop it sliding around under the dash grill
[Image: 19.jpg]
[Image: 20.jpg]

Step 13:
Line up where the speaker should go as you can see in the picture there is a certain place the speaker goes under the grill
[Image: 21.jpg]
[Image: 14.jpg]

Step 14:
place the grill back over the speaker lining up the grill
[Image: 22.jpg]
Then push back down
[Image: 23.jpg]
[Image: 24.jpg]

Step 15:
Reconnect the Negative battery terminal

Pioneer sell speakers that fit a berlingo
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Another excellent tutorial Lliam, thanks very much for the input, it is appreciated.
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  • RolyG
So there were no dash speakers mounted with the standard stereo unit? Cheeky Citroen!
Great photography, btw.
'07 Berlingo Multispace 1.6i 16V Desire 5dr in Iron Grey
Very nice how to
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My Berlingo is a Multispace Forte '54 Reg, don't think it has got dashboard speakers or at least I can't hear them.
Are the cables and connectors already in place ready to accept speakers and are they connected up at the amplifier end so that all I would have to do is buy a pair of speakers, plumb them in and away with the mixer???
Berlingo Multispace 2.0HDI '54 reg Mediterranean Blue
The cables you see here are already under the grill
[Image: 14.jpg]

I just bought the adaptor so I didn't have to cut wires got them off eBay


53 plate Berlingo Multispace Forte 1.9D Polar White
Sorry, should have read your narrative in more detail before I replied. Thanks for that
Berlingo Multispace 2.0HDI '54 reg Mediterranean Blue
Not a problem, were all here to help eachother Smile

53 plate Berlingo Multispace Forte 1.9D Polar White
Got the little project rolling, not replacing door speakers just yet but doing an upgrade/installation of dashboard tweeters.

Waiting for arrival of adapters from the site you suggested on e-bay £1.55 + £1.45 postage (£3.00)

Managed to track down some tweeters from local Maplin's (product code A64GY) made by Nikkia (£9.99), 1.5 inch car tweeters.
Tried them quickly in the pitch black last night and they fit nicely into the aperture reveled when the fascia plate/grill is removed

In their not-too-precise instructions Nikkai recommend fitting a non-polarized capacitor across the speaker terminals to attenuate lower frequencies from the circuit, these have to be bought as not supplied, but also there is an inline non-polarized cap soldered in the connecting leads supplied which is a first for me???.

I am wondering if these caps are really neccesary and did you use any with your set up?
Berlingo Multispace 2.0HDI '54 reg Mediterranean Blue
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With mine I had a crossover but as the wires were already in place I just went with using the wires already in place and didn't use the crossover at all. probably don't get as much bass response from the door speakers but I have a sub for that lol

53 plate Berlingo Multispace Forte 1.9D Polar White

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