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Anyone gone from a mk2 to a mk3 multispace?
Reason i ask is i test drove a mk3 2008 vtr + yesterday.It was well specced up with
Air con +Climate control
Cruise control
Reverse sensors
Opening tailgate +darkened windows
Folding mirrors
cd stacker in dash
3 separate rear seats
Alloy wheels,picnic tables etc.
33000,miles and just over £9000 but a deal could have been done on price.Problem was after driving it i was'nt that impressed it did'nt feel any better than my 2006 1.6hdi infact the wind noise was worse and it felt slower.And i find i am always looking for that 6th gear which i think they should have had.While i was there i had a look at a 7 seater picasso exclusive and was impressed, the rear space with the seats FLAT down was bigger than the berlingo and it had some really clever touches on it.The price was also similar.
Quote:Anyone gone from a mk2 to a mk3 multispace?

Well, not exactly. But I have driven all three Multispaces.

I owned a Mk1 1.6 petrol from 2002 to the end of 2010, I got a Mk2 1.6 HDi this year, and I had a Mk3 1.6 HDi as a hire car in France in the spring of 2010.

That experience with the Mk3 was enough to convince me that when I came to replace my Mk1, I didn't really want a Mk3. There were a variety of reasons, but basically, it was just too big. It was wider and longer (hence more difficult to get into tight parking spaces) - and it felt wide on the road. Since it was heavier, but had the same engines as the Mk2, it was slower and less economical. It also had less leg-room in the front than the Mk1. And the door pockets in the Mk3 are a lot smaller than the door pockets in the Mk1 & 2.

Strangely enough, it also had more diesel rattle than the second hand Mk2 that we eventually bought.
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That's interesting Northman. I'm just trying to work out what I want, Mk2 or Mk3. I was leaning towards the Mk3 but you've made me think again that a good Mk2 example is work looking at. Are they still selling new Mk2s?
I personally would not go from my mk 2 to a mk 3. It is not that I think that the mk 3 is a bad car, it is that the size is too big for me.

One of the things I really like about the mk 2, is that it feels small enough for country lanes, car parks, nipping around town and so on. The smaller size and weight makes it easier to drive I would think. For me, would be more likely to go the other way, and head for a Nemo next. Not that I have got any plans on replacement yet!
2005 Berlingo Multispace 1.6i Desire (Iron Grey)

If everything seems to be going well, you have obviously overlooked something.

I had a Mk2 for 4yrs & got a Mk3 in '09. It is wider than Mk2, some would find it too wide, I guess. I went from basic Mk2 Forte 1.9diesel 70bhp to XTR with 110bhp & aircon so no contest with performance & comfort. The Mk3 seat feels very firm but I find it very comfortable over long distances, far more so than the Mk2.

A new model of any car tends to be larger than the one it replaces & as the 'Lingo is a car made from a van & as small vans are getting larger & wider the increase in size was inevitable, I suppose. I did consider the Nemo Combi which had just been introduced at the time but the 600kg towing limit was no good to me.

Imho the car described in the op is too 'blinged up' for a Berlingo which I think looks better in a more basic style. I actually wanted a 90bhp VTR but none in UK stock had aircon, as a factory order would have taken months I went for the XTR from stock.

The only UK supplied alternative to the Berlingo(or Peugeot Partner)is the Renault Kagoo & the current car is much bigger than previous model, it is as wide as the Mk3 Berlingo. I would say that for anybody who finds their Mk2 more than large enough & wants a new replacement it would be worth considering a Nemo.
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