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Driving Abroad
Hello, I'm driving the berlingo in France this year on holiday. Can anyone tell me where on the headlight to place tape or filters to stop locals being blinded by my lights? The manuals of no use. Its a 2.0Hdi 05 plate Multispace Desire. ThanksSmileSmile
Some info here

YB :wave:
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  • Andre
how meny eu cars have you seen over here with tape on ??
(30-04-2011, 08:27 PM)lostalot Wrote:  how meny eu cars have you seen over here with tape on ??

This ^^

But on a side note, how about haynes giving us some complete and useful information for free!
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Thanks for the info Yorkshire Bling. I've driven there every year since 1990 and always found the relevant page in the manual for whatever car l've had. The berlingo is the first that hasn't shown it. I just use sticky tape, which cleans off easily. I tend to think if the gendarmes were to stop me for something else then l'd rather my lights were okay. It only takes 2 minutes but its where to stick it l need to know. I might even as at the citroen garage. Thanks bigsacs
ahh sorry didnt mean to offend any of our overseas members with my post but i do see a lot of eu cars down here in cornwall without any tape or beam changers
These beam convertors were on my car when I bought it so don´t blame me if they´re wrong :thumbsup:

How much is the fish?
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  • Andre
Thanks for the pictures, the filters seem to be directly on top of the manufacturers mark (little circle moulded in the plastic) So l suppose covering this area and to the right of it (as you look at the pictures) would be just about okay. No offence taken lostalot, we're still part of the uk just now at least unless Mr Salmond, SNP gets his way on 5th May!! :lol:
Hello again, I'd emailed Citroen UK who took the time to phone me back and explained no templates were available for the berlingo. They explained where to put them which is exactly where 'knobblywobbly' showed in his pictures! They also explained that cars manufactured after 2006 don't require any filters as the as all european cars have headlights with a flat beam pattern. Big GrinBig Grin
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  • Andre
I have found both my previous '05 'lingo & my current '09 'lingo do not need deflectors on the continent as apparantly confirmed by Citroen UK. The proof of pudding...I have driven in the dark for miles on busy narrow unlit French 'N' roads & never been flashed once. On my current car the beams are flat with 2 small points of light pointing to left, these don't seem to bother oncoming drivers when driving on the right.

Also if you stick anything on the modern plastic lenses & drive for long periods with lights on, hot spots will form that may cause hairline cracks to lens around deflector. There have been endless arguments on ukcampsite about this, I say modern clear headlights don't need deflectors. Some might say French cops will nick you if you ain't got deflectors or tape on the lights but the law is that you must not dazzle oncoming drivers not that you must have deflectors.

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