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My Nad mk1 workhorse
Copied from another forum so may seem odd in places

Well im back and kinda in a Pug well citroen to be precise but were all friends here! Im in a mk1 Citroen Berlingo with a crummy DW8 crap its not even good on fuel but that could be down to the fact you have to thrash any where! Any way little history for those who dont remember or are new i kicked around here and had a phase 1 dt that at a once had a recorded stage peaked power at 173bhp it had mods to take it further than that but never got dyno'd in full glory but 180bhp was a reasonable safe bet.
The original thread is here.

For those who like pics here she is in here glory.
[Image: F9D8F2F3-372D-43AB-ABF4-662E9CF3067E-330...5e5fc8.jpg]

[Image: 6963C807-982B-49C6-B738-06412A47A760-330...5f3494.jpg]

[Image: DFC8DE48-3F1B-44BF-B068-5B17226E7B0C-330...dca3f8.jpg]

[Image: DSCN1015_zpsdc02d3a8.jpg]

Any way after solid mounting the rear engine mount she kept snapping engine bolts taking out clutches with it. And after what seemed like going round in circles with repairs partly to blame with the s**t roads round here and the looming tax a good £400 was needed to put her right i could'nt justify it so she got broken up. And i bought a volvo.... it came up dirt cheap and at the right time. it was always going to be a stop gap car but i nearly kept it i bought a tow bar and a big feck off trailer to convert into a workshop. I soon sacked that idea off!

[Image: null_zps4e024b19.png]

[Image: null_zpsa38f8894.jpg]

[Image: null_zps61618832.jpg]

The 2.5l 5 pot engine sounded soooo good but the same couldnt be said about the fuel consumption all 25mpg of it! So the trailer then volvo went and i had some cash to invest into a new van.

now while i had the volvo id received some compensation the intial idiea was to invest it into a mk2 berlingo/partner rip the nad out drop an xud9te engine and get back up and boosting with some mods a few members knew about. But having the volvo at the time i invested the money else where wisely at the time and soon i back tracked and here we are today.....

So £550 later i have this
[Image: null_zpsdb6eb18c.jpg]

Rough around the edges need tlc but vans do! the guy wouldnt budge on price dispite few niggles but most of the other vans were either in a much worst state or no tax or mot but couple hundred more! i did nearly buy a mk1 hdi berlingo uber rare! but they wanted silly money.... any way im rabbiting on.

week later did sweet fa just building a list of fixes and drove it being a typical van driver.

[Image: null_zps52abb923.jpg]

[Image: null_zps5d369140.jpg]

and thats about it for now il be making another post of where i am to date...

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Welcome to the forum.

Should have held out for a hdi, it'll save you a load of time and money dropping in another turbo unit :thumbsup:
Somedays you're the pigeon, Somedays you're the statue.
The hdi is pants.... I like things mechanical couple of turns here and there and away you go. no paying some one to remap the ecu etc. an xud9te will drop straight in with no issues at all as its pre semi ecu and can bus. If you have a read through the blog on the 306 forum I managed good reliable power easily and quite cheap. Doubt il drop a Dt engine in il get carried away again!
Well I wouldn't say it's pants. Mine is the rare 110bhp model, goes like excrement off a shiny digging device.
Somedays you're the pigeon, Somedays you're the statue.
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I don't mean it's pants as in the engine as whole I refer in to the fact you have to allot more messing around and expense to get the sort of power I had out of my old xud. The Hdi is good in terms of refinement smooth running good smooth power delivery not as noisy and all this is down to electronics and the common rail injection all good and well for a daily. But I like my raw power that oomph you get. I like to do all the work myself and I don't like the idea of getting a third party to alter ecu maps etc. the old saying if you want something doing right do it your self.

The other appeal to me is the cheapness you can get with the xud regards power I achieved a stage 3 tune at a cost of around £300!

One thing I have noticed is the gear ratios on this a horrifically short!
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Just had a bit of a skip through your thread of the build, impressed :thumbsup:
Somedays you're the pigeon, Somedays you're the statue.
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Right and so the main reason i need a van is im launching my Detailling buisness iv been doing it for number of years now and i want more of a presence. i rarely use back seats in a car and often they are just folded down a van makes more sense i can carry my gear provide a one stop service easily and more professionally.

So i cant really go detailing cars when the van looks s**t so i started on giving the van a bit of a smarten up seen as though the paint is oxidized and flat not a good look! eventually wings will get replaced and body problems sorted. But the van is being stickerd up so where the stickers go will be sorted first. Cracked on with it. First up Snow foam, then a claying over followed b a 2 step correction process using menzerna and megs compound combo on a menzerna white compound pad soon got it glossing nicely.

I then sealed it and put 2 layers of Nattys white paste wax to which theres no real point as the sign writer will wipe the panel down with alcohol wipes prior to sticker fitting. But the above process gives a good 6months protection till the stickers are on. Iv only done the front of the car to test and see how it goes but im pleased with the quick once over.

[Image: null_zpsb53b8985.jpg]
[Image: null_zps8c174be8.jpg]

This was the general state of the body work after a clay as you can see the flat paint just holds onto contaminants and stains

[Image: null_zps51d7f2e4.jpg]

Quick going over
[Image: null_zpsc2e0ae19.jpg]

Half decent wing reflection shot on white...
[Image: null_zpsf4b4146d.jpg]

Then i sorted the bumper out with some bumper gel
[Image: null_zpsabedb723.jpg]

Grille needs sorting may just debadge it. im in 2 minds where to go with the body work. colour coded Bumpers with Gloss black side strips, or have the whole bottom half of the car Gloss black and white wheels. will see how it goes once stickerd up

After being in the volvo im missing the simple luxuries that you have in a volvo one is lighting at night. you just open one door and the whole interior is bathed in light and so i went about doing the same in the van. ao removed the floor skirting and whacked in some lighting. kinda oem look!

[Image: null_zpsb8cf8062.jpg]
[Image: null_zps1375ccec.jpg]
[Image: null_zps0f93033f.jpg]

I originally thought my front wings had been resprayed (badly) with a rattle can till I got the DA on it, came out looking fantastic.

[Image: fc5r8w.jpg]
Somedays you're the pigeon, Somedays you're the statue.
The direct gloss isn't the best Iv worked with. I too had the same problem wings being a slight different colour. This van was an ex TNT van and upon removing the front mud flaps the orange TNT vinyl was still behind them so the wings are originals just more than likely sprayed in different batches and oxidized different. Mine need to get replaced.

I'm glad you put a pic of the semi color coded bumper as I'm in 2 minds what to do with color coding
Fancy bumping into you here Wink Van'll look mint in no time knowing your polishing skills mate.
'04 Peugeot Partner HDi LX. Lows, Leaks and Wellers. Now matt grey and dent free Smile

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