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Clutch replacement - What else at the same time?
Hi all,
It's time for clutch replacement on the Bluelingo, and next week our trusted local independent is going to change the whole thing, plus cable and pedal bits. As we intend to keep this car for a long time, what else might be worth asking them to renew or check while they're at it down in that particular area of grubby bits ?
She's a 2002 1.6 16v petrol, TU5JP4 engine, with around 110,000 miles on the clock. They've already given her a pretty thorough pre long-distance-heavily-loaded-holiday check.
She still drives great except for recent slightly strange clutch pedal feel and behaviour, with slight clutch juddering.
Thanks for all suggestions!

clutch fork arm bushes
2010 1.6 hdi 110bhp XTR
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And bearing guide, this contains a gear oil seal. Also the driveshaft oil seals, all very cheap items .
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Many thanks to both! Just the sort of thing....
Now I'll have a nice time translating all the bits into Dutch!
Knowing the way the garage works there's a good chance they'll do those anyway, but it's nice to be sure!
Now we have about the lightest and smoothest clutch I've driven for as long as I can remember. Who'd have thought a Berlingo could have a super-light clutch?
The lads in the garage would have replaced all those items anyway, they said, except for one - the bearing guide I think (my technical Dutch is not so hot, and they talk fast).
They also stripped and lubricated the clutch cable, and replaced the spring-and-lever gubbins under the pedal.
Not cheap: around 720 euros including VAT, but I've noticed from prices mentioned on the forum that we tend to pay noticeably more over here for the same jobs.
Over against that, they do their best to keep us safe and mobile as cheaply as possible, with good consultation. They have kept our old pug 205 1,9D going for several years more than expected - 360,000 k's now, and did the same for our old ZX - did 320,000 before being replaced by the 'Lingo. I reckon they save us money in the long run, so may as well give them a plug in case any reader needs good mechanics in Amsterdam.
Garagebedrijf Oost, in East Amsterdam. 020-6650744.
It's a two-man company, both of them very experienced. They used to have a good reputation as tuning specialists, but don't do much of that any more now that it's all computers. (They do have the computers, though!)
I'm rabbiting on too much 'cos I'm happy, sorry! :woop:
One final thought: I think this super-smooth clutch is saving a bit of petrol, especially in town. I seem to use less throttle pulling away from lights and things.
We're packing the 'Lingo now for a long holiday again. Have a great summer y'all - or good luck getting through the winter - for those in the antipodes! And thanks again for the tips.
Richard & Carry. :wave:
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Glad you're happy,enjoy your hols.:thumbsup:
Strawberry flavoured windows  Dodgy
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