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Obvious coolant leak, but what do I need to fix it?
Aawwww I'm back again.

Coolant warning lamp came on in the warning light strip. Turned the heater flat out hot to warn me if it ran out of coolant on the way home. Luckily it started blowing cold air just as I pulled into my street, so I parked up and left it to cool down.

Put a couple of litres of water in and noticed a pin stream of water jetting out from just above the oil filter. Where the bottom radiator hose connects to that casting that mounts the oil filter, there appears to be a pin hole in the casting about half an inch down from where the hose connects to the casting.

I imagine I'll need that casting, a gasket and a new oil filter? If so, anyone got the casting for sale? Or are these dear to buy new?

Any tips on replacement of this bit from anyone who has had to do the same job?

2000MY 1.9D Berlingo Van

Does this look like it ?

Yep, that looks like it. Don't have an ebay account but I see there's a contact number on the ad. I'll give them a ring in the mornng, see if it fits mine. Is that price about right?

In the meantime I'll unclip the hose and see if I can slide it up past the pin hole and secure it with a jubilee clip as a temporary fix.

I spent two hours trawling t'internet for that last night. Didn't really know what it is called. In the end bought the Haynes manual from Amazon so I could identify it, LOL! Good call mate, thanks!


(30-06-2013, 08:07 AM)Lighty Wrote:  Does this look like it ?
You will need two new O-rings when replacing it.
Can't stop it leaking by moving the coolant pipe up. It's actually quite rotten, more rust than metal.

Can I bypass this oil cooler by joining the two coolant pipes temporarily?

Yes you can join pipes together, have no idea regarding price though.
You should get an ebay account, it is very useful.
Here is a new one to give you an idea on price
You could try euro parts or GSF or if you have a good motor factors shop near you with someone who knows what they are on about. Here is another one but check model
Are we there yet????? Huh
Ex 1.6hdi van now 3 seater 1.4 multispace
Update. I never bought a replcement yet. I just bypassed the cooler by joining the hoses with a 4 inch length of 15mm copper pipe and jubilee clips. I'll replace the cooler when I give it an oil and filter change.

Thanks for the links, I'll get one ordered from my local factors.

Cheers, D

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