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[Warning Light] Temp sender/Fan switch sender
Hi Y'all ,
I have been asked to fix a 2008, 1400, petrol Berlingo van, with an overheating problem :
Radiator Fan seized
Fit a replacement Rad Fan, the replacement provided was strangely different, in as much as the blades were set in opposite configuration . the old siezed one ran Left to Right clockwise, and the much flimsier replacement had more blades and ran right to left anti clockwise.
They both fitted into the housing , and so I decided to continue, Hey if the fan pulled and not pushed, surely I could reverse the pos and neg s .
OK Its fitted BUT BUT BUT the fan will not cut in.
Seached for the rad fan switch NO LUCK , It does not exist in the rad.
There was a 5 pin relay in the fan housing though.
OK I ran the van up to operating temp , and beyond.
Disconnected the temp gauge switch and low and beheld the fan cut in after about 6 or 7 seconds, also the temp gauge went to the top RED RED RED, but the fan continued to work, in the correct direction, although much weaker than I was expecting.
ENgine Management light is on constantly now and the STOP light flashes constantly.
The only way I can prevent it from overheating is to disconnect the temp switch and suffer the guage reading fully in the RED
How do I get the rad fan to work correctly PLEASE
First off, is this a car with AC?

If so, the fan is controlled by the AC controller.

The blades on the fan has a slight 'curve' to them, right?
Is the 'hollow' towards the radiator?
(assuming you have mounted it in front of the radiator)

Can you remove the relay from the fan housing for testing?
It should have a drawing on it, with a coil and one or more switches.

touching the pins marked with a coil with 12V and gnd should activate it, and you should hear a click.
Measure between the pins of the 'switch' part of the relay, and you should read a 'break' (infinite Ohm). When you activate the coil, you should read close to 0 Ohm across the switch connectors.
Why not get the proper fan for it ?
OK the van does not have Aircon.
The fan was apparently purchased online from a citroen main agent and presumably the reg and vin nos were given.
yes the new fan does have slight curves in the blades.
I am now in the position where i have replaced the green coloured 2 pin temp sender and am still in the same position ie the original was probably ok.
Disconnecting it makes the temp gauge go right up to MAX, and also makes the rad fan cut in.
I am trying to locate a rad fan switch I can't find one anywhere.
Is there one or does the ecu do it in conjunction with the temp guage ?

Also regarding the fan relay, you have to half remove the whole assembly, rad , fan etc to get to the multi plugs, one twists with a bayonet fitting , going to the relay.When you unplug this the relay just rattles around in the housing, However it does appear to be working, as when the van is hot, and the fan is running constantly, ie the temp switch is disconnected, the fan runs for several minutes after the engine is switched off.
The one sender controls the ECU, which drives the temp gauge and either a cooling fan ECU or the injection computer will switch the fan relays - not sure which but probably the former.
addo are you saying that the green temp sender located centre right of the cam cover, that I changed with no joy, Is it resposible for sending temperature data to the ecu, and then the ecu tells the fan when to cut in?
I could really do with getting the right answer to this problem as soon as possible.
Looking for a fan switch that may not exist is soul destroying.

I don't know if this is relevant, as the van is a 1400 petrol 2008 model, but i've seen on another site that 1900 diesel berlingos have a fan switch located as if they never ever wanted you to find it somewhere under, behind or round the side of the thermostat housing ? can,t see one though but it may be there.
After mid-200 they went to multiplex in the Berlingos. That's when they went from three senders on the thermostat housing on a AC equipped Berlingo, to just one.

Some Citroëns - from memory the C3, for example, have a cooling fan ECU which can get narky and problematic - you replace it. Can't remember if it's coded in or a straight swap.

There are four fan combos for the M59 Berlingo, none appear to have a dedicated ECU so must be driven (switched) by the engine ECU.
Thanks for your attention, but I am still baffled.
If I have replaced the temp guage sender switch, and the fan will not cut in as it should, and the engine management light is on , and the STOP light is flashing,
Does this mean that the ecu needs resetting ? or worse replacing?

(23-07-2013, 08:35 AM)brodfather11 Wrote:  Why not get the proper fan for it ?

Is that all you have to say on the matter brodfather?
Hi, firstly this is a Mk2 van but not to worry.
Have a look at the the diagram. It is a 2 speed system with two relays and resister unit. These relays are controlled via the engine ECU.
The fan should start on low speed with no warning light followed by the "stop" light when the water reaches 118'C.
When you remove the sensor plug on top of the T/stat housing the high speed will cut in and the temp gauge will read red with the stop on.
So, your sensor is working correctly.
As for the low speed - Check the resistor unit for continuity and if it has a small rocket shaped item in the middle of it check this as well as this is a non resetting thermal fuse.
1506 = resistor unit.
1508 = low speed relay.
1509 = high speed relay.
Let us know how you get on.:thumbsup:

.pdf   Tu3 cooling.pdf (Size: 30.8 KB / Downloads: 20)
2006 2.0hdi 600 with bench seat.  Cool
I don't know what is happening , I read a thread on here that was connected by my post . Originally posted by Ricky Barberan, brodfather11 suggested rustscrats was good at this stuff. I P.M.d rustscrats he says he has posted on my original post ???
I can't find it any where.
rustscrats please get in touch with me

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