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Thinking of swapping my Berlingo. From 1.9D to 2.0HDI
Hi. I have a 1.9D with 179,000 miles on the clock.
It very reliable mechanically but it has some electric faults and I want to change it for a new car.
The horn doesn't work, so I've wired a doorbell switch to a new one.
The indicators don't self cancel and sometimes get "thrown" over to indicating the other directions after the turn etc. The car randomly beeps at me and the handbrake light flashes with the word stop sometimes as well.
The pedals are VERY heavy for some reason and the the car is very slow (as we all know.)

However, I do get fantastic economy. High 40's and sometimes over 50mpg. I cruise at 60mph to achieve this. I also like the 1.9D because I feel really good about it's high milage, just plodding along a bit like a tractor! It doesn't worry me at all.

I want to sell it though and get the same car but with the 2.0HDI engine.
Mainly because I hope to get similar mpg but with a bit more power and maybe cruise at 70mph. Possible? Also I think it will be nicer to drive.
Are they equally happy with being high milage?
(It's about all my budget can afford)

The last big factor is Biodiesel. I run the 1.9D on 100% for many many thousands of miles now. Does anyone know if the 2.0HDI likes it as much?

Advice welcome. Thanks.
I can't see a 2.0 HDi enjoying other than pump diesel. On song, they're a good engine but I find them more fraught with niggles than I believe they should be.
Two ENTIRELY different engine types! (Aside from the fact that they both run on diesel)
BioDiesel is a no-no in these hi-tech common rail injected, turbo-charged engines.
The Older I get the Better I Was!  Cool
Bio Diesel will kill an HDi
OK. Thanks for your opinions.
Incidentally, I have run my Mitsubishi L200 pick up truck's 2.5TD on 100% bio for about 1,000miles with no apparent problems.

Maybe I should just live with the heavy pedals and sluggish life of the 1.9D.
Shame about my indicator stalk and horn though.

Thanks again.
Try a bit of foam either side of the indicator stalk or a rubber band some of the guys have had the same problem on here and done this cheap fix.
Are we there yet????? Huh
Ex 1.6hdi van now 3 seater 1.4 multispace
Mine runs great on rouge diesel, more power and much livelier, 2.0hdi
Red diesel is still mineral Diesel, just with die in it, it's nothing like bio. Additionally, it's illegal to use it on the roads. (Unless you do the paperwork and pay the tax on it)

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