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How many miles ?
Hi everyone,
My little Berlingo has done 188k miles. The last 40k has never had a service. Is that stupidity or good luck or what ? Confusedalut: I say that, because it's never let me down and all i have done is top up oil and water. Had one new back box and one new tyre. What's your experience of this great little work horse ? Oh and mines a 2006 !
Stupidity and good luck. Unfortunately if you haven't changed the oil in 40k, the damage will be done.
Somedays you're the pigeon, Somedays you're the statue.
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Cant see it would make that much difference with a engine at that mileage to be honest. I don't think I would be that brave but I did stretch mine last service.
Mine in the last 11 months has cost me, £182 for service and Mot, And £225 for Alloy wheels and Tyres oh and fuel.

So Hopefully if it continues for another year and 17,000 miles I will be a very happy bunny indeed.
40K without a complete change of oil?

The stuff in the sump is probably more akin to tar than oil by now.
That engine was built to do at least TWICE that mileage...

How long did it take you to rack up those 40K?
(Oil also deteriorates because of age. That's why manuals often says X Miles or 6months or something like that)

Even if you haven't killed it, you have significantly reduced the useful lifetime of the engine.
If really want to smack you with a cod, but... since you're too far away...
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(02-08-2013, 05:14 PM)steve valentine Wrote:  Stupidity and good luck. Unfortunately if you haven't changed the oil in 40k, the damage will be done.

Hi Mate,
Yes. Upto now glad to say....the pigeon !
What else have you not done?Brake,ball joints etc not checked?
Don't give me the "it's checked every MOT" crap.You insurance is invalid if it's proved servicing is neglected.RolleyesRolleyes
Strawberry flavoured windows  Dodgy
The state mine arrived in, I think quite a few of its more recent annual inspections had been done over the 'phone...
Sorry but who the hell checks all this on their cars, I sure as hell don't. Give the bloke a rest.

And given the mileage as I said before I Doubt it would make the slightest bit of difference to it. As long as the Mot is done every year that should be enough to pick up any faults or potential faults. Perhaps brand new car should have mot's starting at a year old if you feel like that ron!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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The MOT is NOT a service!

They only check a limited set of points.
They don't check your timing belt. They don't care if the engine oil is a toxic sludge best suited to use in asphalt production as long as it doesn't result in higher emissions.
You could have a radiator filled with horse's p... for all they care.
It'll probably keep it cool, too, but won't stop the engine from rusting apart.

Also, every check they do is for 'this moment in time'. It's not 'Will the brake discs be too worn to be safe in 11 months time', but 'Are the brake discs safe for use now?'
The question you need to ask you is 'are they pushing through as many cars as possible' (these checks can be done in a few minutes for a set fee.) or are they looking for work beyond that?
Here in Norway a fast technician can do the PKK(Norway's version of the MOT) in less than 10 minutes. That means 6 cars/hour. The price is usually between 400 and 500 NOK (£44 - £55) multiply that with 6... That's a pretty nice hourly income to any garage. Why should they bother fixing anything not directly related to the MOT if the chargeable hours for the repairs amounts for less but still ties up men and equipment?
Fix a blowing exhaust? Sure. That's done in minutes, but they'll still charge you for the Hour, right.
Replacing brake discs that are 'not really that bad yet'? Yeah, right...

If anyone wonders, I share office floor with the people responsible for checking up on the garages doing PKK work, and have heard 'a few' stories...
(Not allowed to share those stories, unfortunately.)
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(02-08-2013, 03:44 PM)berlingomanyep Wrote:  The last 40k has never had a service. Is that stupidity or good luck or what ?

What's your experience of this great little work horse ?

I've come to this thread at a late stage in its life and my first thoughts after reading it all was simply one word...

   ........      TOSSER    ......  and I don't normally swear or react !!    ......  

Going beyond this I have to say what a brilliant little vehicle it is to put up with such abuse and still run reliably ......

.... Tell us all who you are and where you live because who the hell is going to want to buy a vehicle from owner like yourself !!!

Tosser .... Geoff Capes ??????????

..... or perhaps berlingomanyep ..... :whistle:
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