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Won't start front brakes binding
Hi all new Berlingo owner
Well the weekend is about to begin and hopefully my new ebay purchase will come to life.
It's a 03 plate multispace 1.9 diesel.
Now it was advertised as being parked up for 3 months because the front brakes were binding on, and also having a flat battery.
So I got it home last weekend disconnected the battery and put it on charge (yes I now know there is a set procedure for doing this)1st lesson learnt, with the battery fully charged I reconnected it primed the diesel the attempted to start, alas it didn't. Multifunction display had a barely readable ECO MOD (3 bulbs now replaced).
The car came with 2 keys 1 a genuine Citroen key with no buttons which I was told would unlock the car but not start it, the other key, a pattern key, also with no buttons, which I was told would unlock the doors and also start it but sometimes it wouldn't.
I have tried a BSI reset but can not do the steps locking and locking with the remote
Now I think the reason for not starting is the immobiliser is not working(or rather it is) I'll crack open the inj pipes to see if any fuel is get up the go for checking the immobiliser circuit.
Does anyone have a wiring diagram for this ?
Where is the multiplug for the fuel solenoid and what colour wires are what.
Sorry for the long post, any help greatly appreciated
Did it even attempt to start?
Did the key actually turn the ignition on?
(09-08-2013, 08:41 AM)hachiroku Wrote:  Did it even attempt to start?
Did the key actually turn the ignition on?

Yeah engine cranked over by did not start I sprayed a little "easy start" up the air intake and it tried to fire, which makes me think it's not getting fuel
A bit of a longshot and probably unlikely, but maybe the keys you have been given either have faulty immobiliser chips in them, or for some reason aren't matched up to the immobilisor.

When I sold my old Escort van a few years ago the buyer rang me up a couple of days after picking it up to say he'd left it stood since collecting it and now it would crank over but wouldn't start. It dawned on me that I'd never used one of the keys I'd given him so I suggested he tried one of the other keys, sure enough when he did that it fired up first time!
I'm thinking the same thing Stuart, I've cracked open the injector pipes no fuel coming out, so looking like Fuel stop solenoid either not working or getting no signal.
Does anyone know if you can remove the anti tamper shield around it in sittu or does the pump have to come off ?
I think there is a thread on the site somewhere showing how to remove the plate and get at the fuel stop complete with pictures. perhaps someone can remember it.
Are we there yet????? Huh
Ex 1.6hdi van now 3 seater 1.4 multispace
well I've finally got lexia hooked up and running, got the BSI out of eco mode, got "permanent fault communications fault with the engine management ECU"
Does anyone know if this is likely to be a software issue or broken wire/ bad conection.
All comments welcome
funny ones more so to cheer me up
Has anyone got any / knows were I can get wiring diagrams for a mk2 multispace forte 1.9 d please
Hi Trev....try a PM to Rustcrats. He may be able to help you re: a wiring diagram.
I think this may be down to either wiring or connectors in poor condition or a previous
owner decided to make some 'modifications'!
The Older I get the Better I Was!  Cool
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  • Rustscrat
I was thinking about doing just that but I don't know the guy and didn't want to pester him without introducing myself first.
I know the previous owner and I'm pretty sure he hasn't played with it, he just parked it up when the brakes started playing up although he did say he sometimes had problems starting it

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