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Bumper Removal Mk3 XTR.
Hello All,

Well after months and months of waiting a used bumper has finally popped up on ebay which I duly snapped up today.
My question is this,
Has anybody removed the front bumper yet and if so where are all the fixing points and what bits are required, Torx or star bits.

Any pointers will be gratefully recieved as I will be doing this job next weekend.

Thank you.
So nobody has had a Bumper off a MK3 then.

I have not removed one, but many other modern Citroens. Thy usually come off quite easily.
I would start by pulling back the wheel arch liners, where they meet the bumper, there will be either a 10mm head bolt here or a Torx screw,
There will be several 10mm bolts along the lower edge of the bumper (underneath).
Once you have removed all the screws you can find, a sharp tug is usually required to release the bumper from the lower wing edge.
Not a very precise description , but the best I can do for now.

This will help as it is broadly the same, turn the sound off, unless u are Russian Big Grin
Well what a pig of a job that was, Have just finished replacing my front bumper and it was a hell of a job.

I decided to drive the front wheels on ramps which seemed like a good idea but turned out to be a bit silly as we will find out later.
First I undid the Star bolts under the bonnet holding on the grille,
The grille does come off the bumper as once the bolts are undone it will just pull off.
Jack it up and place on axle stands as really the front wheels ideally need to come off as there are 4 bolts either side of the bumper, 2 bolts holding bumper on to bottom of the wings which are not too bad but then there are 2 tucked up behind where the bumper rise's up beneath the head lights and these are pigs to get at with the wheel arch liners in and the wheels on.
On the bottom of the bumper there are some what appears to be push clips but they are not, They have middle bits that pull out so allow the clip to be removed.
There were 3 bolts holding the plastic flap that almost joins the sump guard but mine have all sheard off and 2 of those clips at each end.
Basically thats all there is to removing the front bumper on a Mk3.

I will be removing the bumper again to replace the passenger side fog light and surround and bracket once I have plucked up enough courage to spend nearly £120 on it plus £40 for a pair of brackets.

When I do it again I will take some better Pictures of the work in progress but until then I thought its handy just to know where the bolts and fixings are to remove the bumper.

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