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Cordless Screw Drivers/Battery Drills
I know this isn't directly related to Berlingo's but as you are a very knowledgeable bunch of guys, and girls, I thought I'd through a question out there on the following:

I was looking to get a new Cordless Screw Driver/Battery Drill and was looking at the following:

1, Makita 8391DWPE
2, Dewalt DC100KA
3, Hitachi DV 18DCL2

All are similarly spec'ed with two battery’s and for just under £100. Which would you recommend??
I have the makita and find it really good with a decent charge time,i'm sure Dewalt will be excellent to.They are the most popular choice.
Never had any problems with DeWalt tools, and the single Makita cordless drill we have at the office is a pleasant surprise when looking at the price, so I wouldn't hesitate on either of them.
Don't really have much experience with Hitachi. Probably also OK.
I'd look at ease of use, how well it fits your hand and whatever optionals are available for it.
A 'system' battery that can work in other tools is nice.
(more chance that a replacement can be sourced later, and for long workdays they're a must. I've seen carpenters have 3 or even 4 battery packs for each cordless drill or screwdriver. and they line up the chargers... )
How about Bosch Professional (blue not green)? I have a lot of the Bosch Professional range and they are very good - light, fast charging and built to last. My mate has the hitachi, the are pretty heavy in comparison to the Bosch but more powerful.
FYI Dewalt are now made by Black and Decker.
I had wanted a new piece of kit and initially seen the Makita on offer for £89 and thought that I’d buy it as I recognised the brand. Sorted, or so I thought.

So I did do a bit of research on line before I forked out the ready’s and there seemed to be a few negative comments on the Makita and generally people seemed to choose the DeWalt over the Makita for a price of £99

As the specs where pretty much the same and the DeWalt was getting better reviews I went in yesterday evening to pick one up and got talking the guy in the shop. He said the Hitachi has become very popular and he has also sold a few of these to the trade and hasn’t seen any of them being returned. The Hitachi is also priced at £99.

Again I left it and had a quick google and it does seem to be getting good reviews apart from it hammer action ability which isn’t of any real significance to me.

So far the Hitachi is on top of my list but I know nothing about the brand as a power tool manufacturer, whereas Makita and DeWalt I have often heard off.

(13-08-2013, 02:23 PM)raw85 Wrote:  How about Bosch Professional (blue not green)? I have a lot of the Bosch Professional range and they are very good - light, fast charging and built to last. My mate has the hitachi, the are pretty heavy in comparison to the Bosch but more powerful.
FYI Dewalt are now made by Black and Decker.

I haven't seen these on offer at around the £100 make for a simular spec. They seem a more expensive pice of kit...
Screwfix were doing the 18v combi about a month ago for about £100. Maybe try ebay for a deal on a new one.

DON'T LAUGH - about apparently Lidl's parkside drill are very good for the money (£25ish).
See here -
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I've had the Hitachi DV18DCL2 for about 18 months and been pleased with it. It has done all the DIY jobs I've chucked at it. It's not light in weight but is very nicely balanced. Got mine at B&Q for £89.99 I think - a substantial reduction over RRP (but who pays RRP anyway these days?).
One problem I've seen reported elsewhere is that of drill bits coming loose in the chuck. I've only experienced this once or twice using prolonged hammer action.
The standard battery is 1.5Ah, but a builder reckoned you can buy higher capacity ones if you need them. I bet they aren't cheap though.
Screwfix currently have them on offer for £99.99 - take a look -
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Costco have a decent Hitachi set including 3 batteries for under £100 but not lithium.
I'd price a new battery for each, a new chuck and replacement charger. The results there would influence my choice. All are squarely in the "home usage" price bracket.
At that price point, dewalt every time. Hitachi are great tools, but the cheaper drills aren't up to it. Makita I have no experience of but I've got a £100 dewalt and it's done sterling service for around 4 years and still going strong.
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