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Having a mad moment, thinking of chopping in my Jag......
....For a berlingo multispace!

As most of you know I have a MK1 van, my other car is a Jaguar X type in beautifull metallic black.

Unfortunatly it attracts the green eyed monster rather a lot, I've had people deliberately ding my door with theirs, the bin man has thrown the recycling bin towards the car, luckily ( for him ) it missed by around an inch, drivers pull out on me, well, you get the idea.

So anywhoo, just been looking on the trader at a multispace, you can get a lot of motor for 6k, cheaper tax, insanely better fuel economy.

Please talk me out of it, I love my Jag, I think :S
Somedays you're the pigeon, Somedays you're the statue.
(15-05-2011, 11:21 AM)steve valentine Wrote:  Please talk me out of it, I love my Jag, I think :S

I've just had a similar discussion about replacing my Fabia vRS with a Multispace. Read here:
Sure the Jag is fun to drive, it's nearly 200bhp and AWD but I drive it like an idiot because of the power it has.

Lots of negative comments on your link, in 60k miles I've had virtually no problems, anything that has been replaced has been service items barr a front spring (I replaced both myself for £70 including purchase of spring compressor)
Somedays you're the pigeon, Somedays you're the statue.
Hi Steve,
How important is your licence?
Do you need it?
I am an HGV driver and just sold an immaculate, well cared for, owned from new(9yrs), sad to see go, Clio Sport.
Now have a practical, comfortable, useful, economical, fast enough, Berlingo van.
Still worry about parking it on supermarket car parks, but wouldn't now wish to cause harm to someone if they accidentally(!?!) nudged it with a trolley or door....
(Returned one day to find someone had sat a toddler on the bonnet of my Clio while getting pushchair out!!! Had a quiet word.)
Good luck selling it....:thumbsup:
theres no choice has to be a multispace.
2010 artic silver VTR with EXTRAS.......Confusedunny:
(15-05-2011, 12:49 PM)j90xxx Wrote:  Hi Steve,
How important is your licence?
Do you need it?

That's a good point, and one I think of quite often, the car is very fast, and it's very easy to get to licence losing speed, especially when some boyracer is piddling about in front of me.

[Image: 207108_1849550310886_1004576529_32056592_5933094_n.jpg]

Somedays you're the pigeon, Somedays you're the statue.
Thats a smart lookin' Jag you got Steve, i bet thats hard to let go of.

What are they like performance wise? Ive got no experience/knowledge at all of them
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It's only a baby, 2.5V6 194BHP AWD zero to sixty in a little under 8 seconds, standing starts are a breeze, stamp the gas and drop the clutch, off she goes, the AWD just grips and send you on your way like a rocket, you've all on getting the wheels to spin even when the roads are soaked, cruising at 70mph you can hear a pin drop and the seats are oh so comfy. It's too easy to drive fast though.

Downside? £255 a year road tax, group 15 insurance, 19mpg around town (IF you drive carefully) and 33 on a run at 70mph. round town a tank of petrol goes in around 180 miles :eek:

I have done 350 on a tankfull, just the once though.

I can sell it, clear the finance and have enough left over to buy a 2003/4 multispace.

When I work out what it will save me;

£120 cheaper on road tax.
£250 cheaper on insurance.
£800 cheaper a year on fuel.
I can do my own servicing and the majority of repairs.

Just finding it hard to let it go Sad
Somedays you're the pigeon, Somedays you're the statue.
Ouch, 19mpg isn't an appetising thought.

But try and think that with the multispace, like you say, you can have a bit of fun with it and make changes here and there.
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Hi Steve,
Costs £80 to fill from empty now (diesel) and will do 750 motorway miles, plus. Never tried to take to the limit as don't carry a can. Be interesting to try.
With the increasing cost of fuel, 19mpg would decide it for me.
Fun or no fun.
Dealer friend of mine says everybody now puts fuel economy top of the list when buying new or used.
Colour, options, price, etc., come long way down now. Everyone wants(needs) to know mpg. Sad, but true... Sign of the times we live in.:'(
Oh, and forgot to say....

Nice car.:thumbsup:

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