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Does this look right (pic)
Ok so I bought a van cheap that needed a gearbox and two front springs. Finally finished all the work and the front end looks like its on stilts. Surely it shouldn't sit this high. Looks ridiculous compared to all the others I've seen on the road

[Image: F65235A1-4ED0-4078-A933-4C24B67447F9-206...CF31C8.jpg]
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I admit to a hearty guffaw upon seeing that picture.

Make its arse drag, paint the roof in gold flake and you'll be with the kustom lads.

Something isn't right up front. Is your motor installed?
Yeh everything is as it should be as far as I know. Took the old springs off because they had both snapped a coil, put these on and this is what I'm left with lol. Kyb ra1330 was the number on the box
The part number appears correct, but clearly the ones supplied are made for a different application.

I was just hoping maybe they needed time to settle down or something. Or is that just wishful thinking
That's wishful thinking. See if you can get some KYB specs on what they're supposed to be (no. coils, wire diameter, free length, compression rate) and compare to what is on there.
Great so that's money down the drain then. Going to have to buy a different set now. Amy recommendations to get ones that will actually be the right ones?
Can't trim them?

I wonder if you have the right springs and the wrong struts?
Well yeh I could do. Just didn't think that was very safe/strong and wouldn't have a clue how much to trim.

Just spoke to the parts place where I got the springs. He said I should have 7 coils unless its an 800 load in which case it should be 5 and 3/4 coils. Just checked my old ones and they're 7 and the new ones look like 7 too. I'm so confused lol
Ive fitted springs 3 times in 10 years to my blingo, Twice ive been given incorrect springs by supplying factors, once too short and once too long, what seems to happen is this....the supplier asks for your registration, now that info gives him NO info on the type of springs fitted to your car, it tells him the year and model, that's all, the spring type info is held in your chassis number, which tells Citroen which springs will fit your particular car, the motor shops don't have access to your chassis info so are only guessing what spring fits . You should remove a spring along with broken coil, then lie it flat and measure the length, then when the shop gets your new springs out, open a box and measure them to compare before purchasing.
I ALWAYS get the wrong part supplied when shops ask for my reg, the main reason for this is my reg is bang on when the 02 MK 2 blingo superceded the MK 1, so they supply me with a MK 1 part...every time without fail no matter which shop chain I use, now i dont disclose the reg number, I quote the model, engine and tell them its a 03 instead of a 02.
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