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engine management light & oil level
Hi, Newbie on here, but I've owned my Mk1 berlingo 1.9d DW8 for 11 years now without any major problems.
We just bought a Mk2 partner 2004 1.9D for my wife. The oil level indicator shows 4 bars, checked the dipstick and it appears OK. The engine management light comes on sometimes from start up. Turn engine off and restart and the light doesn't stay on.
So my question is. What and where is the sensor that monitors the oil level and will the engine management light come on if the level is not at the top?Big Grin

The sensor is at the front next to the oil filter. It's carefully placed so as to be easily knocked when you change the oil filter and will give you a low oil warning. There is a plug sticking out of the engine block with green or grey connector going to it (can't precisely remember the colours as I'm at work).The cable has two cores but only one is used. It seems quite vunerable to being knocked when you remove the oil filter andneeds a bit of jiggling to get the contact back properly.

My EML doesn't come on with low oil level.

Stupid computer!
Security system should not fail safe!
Security system should fail dangerous!
My engine management light doesn't come on if the oil level is low, it might be something else that is the cause of the light coming on in your case.
The oil level sensor is particularly sensitive, park on any kind of a slope and upon turning the ignition on the level indicator could read anything from full to zero, so it's always best to physically check using the dipstick like you have done.
Perhaps someone with a fault-code reader might be able to diagnose what is causing the engine management light to come on, strange that it should go off once you restart the car though??!
Having siad that, the Berlingo computer brain does seem to get a bit confused from time to time, I recently had the engine management light come on after running out of fuel, after a few days it "cured" itself and went off, and has stayed off since.
Thank you all for the oil level info. The older I get the dumber I get:brickwall:, It is indeed parked on a slope.
I'm changing the oil & filter tomorrow, so I'll know for sure that it's at the correct level. I'll take care not to knock the sensor.
I'm pleased that the oil level doesn't put the engine management light on. It's possible that the engine was started before the glow plug light went out as my wife's previous car was petrol, so could that upset the computer brain. Funnily enough on the way back from buying it the low fuel light came on. Can you tell I'm clutching at straws.Confusedillyme:

I had the EML come on whilst on holiday about a month after we bought the car. No readily apparent reason although the wife had just plugged her mobile phone charger into the overhead locker socket. The car still ran ok so when I stopped I checked a few connectors eg. MAF and switched on and off a couple of times to no avail. Left it for 20 min and it was ok and has been since (hastily touches wood, black cat and unbroken mirror).

Oh and it seems to be really sensitive to not being level when the oil check is done when you start the car.

Stupid computer!
Security system should not fail safe!
Security system should fail dangerous!
I changed my oil & filter so all good there. This EML is driving me crazy. It hasn't come on for a couple of days now, but Last night it it lit up.:brickwall:
I had to turn off & restart about 4 times before it would go out.
The electrics on this Peugeot are crap. There appears to be a problem with the light/indicator stalk. Sometimes the headlights come on when I move the stalk to indicate, but the indicator doesn’t.
I’m not even going to ask if this would affect the EML (which has come on a couple of times today).
Any ideas?

If I take it to a dealer to have the fault codes read, will it show what's been occurring over a period of time even if the light isn't lit at the time & roughly how much can I expect to be charged?
I’m just wondering if it’s going to be costly would it be worth getting a code reader.

I'm presuming it can't be anything major or it wouldn’t go out.and it doesn’t go into limp mode :S

pieface Cool
Take it to a competent independent garage.
Avoid the main dealers.
Sounds as if your COM2000 unit (steering column switches) maybe broken.
The Older I get the Better I Was!  Cool
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A quick update. We went away for a week to Wales towing our folding camper with out any major problems.Smile The eml only light up once in 600 plus miles of touring. The indicator switch only played up once, but I'm thinking that it can only get worse.:justno:
I bought a cheapo code reader from e bay and it only gave me one fault code (P0170 fuel trim malfunction bank 1)
After much searching it appears this can be caused by virtually anything.Confusedcratch:

pieface Cool
Yesterday I decided to have a good look around the engine bay for anything obvious that might be causing my problems.Confusedcratch:
I spotted this vacumn pipe disconnected from the EGR valve. Ha, ha I thought, that's it. Big Grin

[Image: DSCN5407.jpg]

Connected it back and guess what it ran like a rough old tractor, kicking out smoke and spluttering. Disconnected the pipe and it ran fine ( well as good as it's been so far).:brickwall:
A Google search showed that this is a way of cutting out the EGR, so should I clean the EGR valve or replace it or could it be the solenoid or Air flow meter.
Would a dealers diagnostic tester be able to identify which particular component was at fault or would they just replace units until the fault was rectified.
Is there a problem with parts for the 2004 models as when ever I try to source virtually any part on the internet I get nothing.:brickwall:

pieface Cool
Another quick question.Big Grin
The EGR valves I've seen on e bay don't appear to have this part with them. Angry
It's obviously part of the vacumn, but what exactly does it do?
Would fitting the original one to a new EGR valve cause any problems or should it be replaced as well.Confusedcratch:

[Image: EGRmod.jpg]


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