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Running hot...
Hi all,

I'm having a small issue with my 2004 Berlingo Enterprise 1.9D 155k

On a run the temp is fine (around 70 or lower on the motorway) but if I leave it ticking over after this it will slowly rise up to 100+ (think the most was about 107) it will then go back down when driving. I am obviously concerened about a head gasket, but I can't see any major signs of that (no mixture of oil/water, no loss of power, cold/hot air blowing fine) it is however using a small amount of water (very small, I'm monitoring it)

I can't say I have heard the fan kick in.. I'm wondering if this is not working and causing the engine to run a bit hotter thus using a little water?

Any ideas? many thanks

Welcome to the forum Worsel
Check to see if the rad fan is working and that it aint seized solid. There has been a few threads on the forum lately about hot running on your engine and the relay for it packing up. I think the relay is mounted in front of the rad. Have a search on the forum.
Are we there yet????? Huh
Ex 1.6hdi van now 3 seater 1.4 multispace
How do Worzel !
That seems a low motorway temp ! 82 is "normal " for my dw8 with similar milage .
If stressed on a motorway or driven aggressive :whistle: will pop up to 92ish
but if stood in traffic on a hot day she'll hit 100 + for a while ! I presume a fan kicks in , but you cant hear one over the engine noise Confusedillyme:

Loses no water though .
See if you leave it to stand with the engine running, when the temp goes above 100 does the fan kick in and bring the temp back down?

I remember the first time I sat in traffic with my Berlingo and watched horrified as the temp guage went up above 100, quite a way above 100 in fact! and prayed that the fan would kick in sometime soon. It did, eventually, and the temp dropped again. It was getting close to a brown trouser moment though!

Also, 70 degrees on the motorway seems rather cool, even my 2.0Hdi runs just above 80 degres normally.

Is the coolant level ok? Is the coolant ok? (not gunked up?)

It may possibly be an issue with the thermostat/temp sender, but check and see that the electric fan does actually come on as mentioned at the start.
Thanks for the replies, I'm actually not sure if it is losing water. I will check those things and come back.

I can't find the thread with the fuse locations etc
Have a read of this for relay position
Are we there yet????? Huh
Ex 1.6hdi van now 3 seater 1.4 multispace

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