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Just been for a quick spin...
Just been for a quick spin in my Berlingo, and it wasn't a planned spin!! :whistle:

Going around a corner on a country road that I have gone around hundereds of times before, at far quicker speeds than today, and I suddenly get that "slideways" feeling, despite instinctively putting on opposite lock (years of driving rwd cars gets you used to that) I either didn't give it enough opposite lock, or wasn't quick enough, or there was just no hope...
Anyway, I ended up doing a 180 degree spin in the road and the nearside rear wheel hit the kerb with a bang.
Fortunately it appears that the only damage is a bent steel wheel rim, which resulted in the tyre popping off the rim, and a quick wheel-change at the roadside.

Firstly, I could not detect any other damage, is it likely that I might have actually been that lucky?

Secondly, what the hell happened???

Personally my finger is pointing at the tyres (some Federal super steel things), I previously had them on the front wheels and in the damp on roundabouts they were just oversteer heaven! :eek:
I recently got two new tyres fitted and the garage put the new tyres on the front and relegated the part-worn Federals to the rear wheels.
I'm thinking that these tyres are in fact shite, and I might put them back on the front of the car, understeer I can live with, but oversteer in a Berlingo is not a good place to be:S
I'd look at inflation pressures.

Hard to check now, but if the outside rear was well low (not really noticeable in normal driving on a vehicle with the Berlingo's weight bias) it can bring on this sort of result. Also for similar reasons, I fit new rubber to the rear.
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I used to have some Goodrides on my old Transit now they where good
for a bit of sideways action.
I would think Diesel aswell more slippery than an MP.
Am I the only one who thinks he was still going way too fast?

When I was poor and used the cheapest tyres available and when I was young and foolish, the rear of my van has never been out of control, and I used to hit a roundabout as fast as I could.

It's not icy in the highlands already, is it? :whistle:

Oh and I'd get things checked out properly if its bent the rim Confusedalut:
Somedays you're the pigeon, Somedays you're the statue.
I've had a near identical experience in my Xantia estate, it nearly did my head in until I found the almost-flat tyre. Was starting to doubt my command of senses, as the spin happened 20% below my normal speed for the corner, on an uncontaminated road.
Could have been worse...

I once had a 4wheel slide with an old Volvo Fieldwagon at night, driving along a taxiway on a military airbase... That was on the return leg after delivering 2 trolleys of sharp Aim9 sidewinders. (6 on each trolley.)
After that you learn to check your tires regularly... Especially on nights with danger of frost...
And the 'car' is a loaner...
(No military unit ever loans out the best vehicles, and definitely not with a fresh set if threads... )
Well, I certainly wasn't going quickly around the corner, I think that's why it caught me out as I just wasn't expecting it in the slightest.

The rear tyres have a good 3mm tread on them and the pressures were checked around a week ago when I had the two new tyres fitted on the front.

My initial thoughts were a diesel spill on the damp road, as I was by the side of the road I half expected to see another car spin out too!:eek:

I have been Googling the rear tyres "Federal Super Steel 657" and they don't seem to get great reviews, "Budget", "Chinese made", "poor wet grip", "poor braking in wet cionditions", which I can relate to from when I had them on the front wheels.
It seems they may also be winter/all-season tyres which surprises me as they don't look different to a regular summer tyre, but I have noticed on closer inspection a tiny "M+S" printed on the sidewall.

I think I will put the Federals on the front again, and the new tyres on the rear.
I seem to remember years ago seeing an RAC guy on TV suggest that in a Fwd car you should really have the better tyres on the rear as it's easier to handle understeer if the tyres let go.

Oh well, lesson learnt, be careful what tyres you fit, and look after them, and drive at a speed you are comfortable with on the road conditions at the time. Expect the Unexpected!

Pic of the rim...Sad

[Image: 2013-08-23132721_zpsd00fbc2b.jpg]

On the subject of getting a replacement steel wheel, are these the correct specs for my 2003 2.0Hdi Forte?

185/65 R15 6.5x15 ET19 4x108 mm

If so then it looks like a Citroen Picasso steel wheel is a straight swap/fit?
I change my tyres when they get to 3mm. I'm not posh, or loaded but at 3mm they look bald to me and for the sake of my family's safety I run tyres with a decent amount of tread on.
Somedays you're the pigeon, Somedays you're the statue.
That's the beauty of Drag Racing.
No corners!

Especially not with these tyres....

[Image: jzwc5e.jpg]
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Maybe he had MT front runners on the rear?

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