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Battery light
Driving home tonight and the battery light popped on and beeped.

Stayed on till home. I am guessing it could be an alternator problem?

The battery is fairly new. Replaced it about 18 months ago when I changed the starter.

Never replaced alternator but looking in the Haynes, looks a bit of a pig of a job??

Anyone done one and what's the format for testing if the alternator is triggering the light.

Started the car up after half an hour and battery light went off as normal.
Take a voltmeter and connect it to your battery, the reading should be 12.5 upwards, if its below that its probs cos you have a charging prob with your light coming on, start engine and you should have approx 14.4 volts, on your meter. Then with engine running, turn on headlights and fan at full speed, your alternator should still be around 14.4v, as it senses the extra power load.
Note that you may need to 'rev it' once to get it up to 14.4V.
Thanks, I will give that a test this evening.
Strangely I had the same problem with my Berlingo 2.0 HDi last week.
After a bit of googling, I found this link which is for VW, but looked the same alternator as in my Berlingo.
If it's a Bosch alternator, it is possible to get to the back off the alternator with it still in place on the car- a bit of a struggle but possible.
I had to remove the oil filter to get to the final screw which holds the back on (pozidrive) then use a long pozidrive bit to just get to the screw (at a bit of an angle) to loosen it, once loose I used a short (20mm?) bit to get in and undo it by finger tip - fiddly I know.
Once the back is off it's very easy to remove the brush box/regulator. A new regulator off ebay for £28 inc postage, clean up all terminals and put it back together.
Once I refitted everything I discovered the battery was totally dead, but then it was nearly 10 years old so I wasn't too upset. A new battery in, fired up and 14.37V at the terminals so a very happy bunny.

Good luck with yours
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Hmmm not looking good. Getting 11.85 engine off and no better with her running!!

Don't think mine is a bosch one. Looking at Citroen service it looks like a Valeo.

Just rang my mate who works at a parts place and replacement is £80 or £155 for a Lucas one!
Try someone like Woodauto for the required fixit parts.
It's usually the 'brushes' in the alternator that has worn out, and those can be replaced by almost anyone.
(Unless it feels 'weird' or makes noises when you turn the alternator by hand. Then you have a bearing failure at best... )

Getting the durn thing out is really the biggest problem...

Just been out into town and back and it is still putting a bit of charge into the battery with no electrics running as it's now reading 12.15 when turned off, but same when running.

I can also smell a sort of burning / hot friction smell from the alternator.

I have ordered a new one. A small garage at the end of my road has quoted me £60 labour to swap it out. Might get it done for the sakes of £60 as it will probably take me all day as it looks messy. Central steering pump has to come off to access it. Ordered a new alternator belt too.
The alternator in mine was a Lucas one.

Swapped for a new unit and fitted this morning and new belt. Battery is now at 12.79 volts with engine off and 14.4 running, so all sorted... just £140 lighter than yesterday!

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