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Changing audio system
We have a 2012 Van with a standard radio in and we wish to change it for a Kenwood bluetooth double din rds radio/cd

Has anyone done this and is it just a straight swap or will we have to re program the electrics ?

The supplier has told us that we already have an iso socket so it should fit .

Thank you
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  • onthefence, taxi
Hi,I fitted a pioneer unit into our 2010 car ,I needed an adapter cable part no. PC99-X87 and a facia panel part no.DFP-04-05 .you will also need another adapter if you still want the steering wheel control arm to work.all parts bought from Liquid Ice 2008.hope this is some help.
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  • whitebus
I just used a dremmel and cut of the plastic bar and just slide the 2din in the whole. Fits like a charm.
See previous threads, but you will probably have to swap over the interchangeable red and yellow wires on the connector on the head unit for it to save your preset channels and work right.
I fitted a kenwood double din DNX4230DAB, I did have to change 1 wire as I couldn't get the unit to power up fully, if I remember it was a thin red wire, I didn't have to swap red/yellow round, I can pull it out and double check if you want, the double dins sit flat and the heating controls are curved, I cut a piece of plastic and slipped it between the unit and heating control other wise I could see the white plastic of controls. little tip try and pull out left round storage thing, this will allow you to get your hand in and make sure the wiring and connection boxes tucked away nice and safe, plenty off room behind there

did not need fascia adapter for kenwood, not sure why some places say you need to as the hole is double din size
Thank you for the help, I have now compiled the easy method

Order an Autolead PC99 X87 that fits all 2008 onward Berlingo's and Vans.
The Select a PC99 patch cable to fit the PC99-X87 lead. For example to fit a Kenwood you need a PC99-KEN
Then buy a PC5-111 SOT Antenna lead set
Fitting is then a doddle
One point you will need to connect the remote lead of your radio to the PC99-KEN patch lead - simple job.
If you have DAB and Analogue the SOT lead set will do the aerial for you.
The easiest speakers to fit are Kenwood KFC-E1764 door speakers

When fitting the door speakers you need the Citroen speaker lead adaptor too.

To remove the door panel, unclip mirror cover, unclip door handle cover ( be careful it does unclip ) take out the three screws and carefully prise off the panel.

When refitting, remove any clips that are left in the door and refit to the panel before you refit it.

Time to fit radio and DAB 1 hour , speakers 1 hour

That's it mystery solved.

By the way all the Audio shops in the UK are thick and un helpful. They sell stuff they know nothing about - I tried 10.

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  • Doownek
totally agree with your last part, so called experts sent me a connects2 patch to fit an autoleads box. have you fitted a separate DAB aerial? just that the kenwood non powered one is useless in one of the vans so I fitted the powered version from Halfords, my dab is fantastic the other van is so bad the unit has been switched to fm only, how did you get round the gap between the surround and heater control
Emmanuel, thanks for this, it is massively useful as I am considering changing the OEM stereo in my 2013 Berlingo XTR for a better unit. After nearly 20 years living abroad I'm driving about here in the UK listening to the radio and enjoying it, but the performance of the unit isn't so great. I have two questions.
1) Which Kenwood unit did you buy?
2) Do the stalk controls work? (Your use of patch cables suggest so but just to confirm.)
[EDIT] and 3) Did you find a good car audio shop?

Many thanks
my steering controls work on my kenwood double din, you need PC99-x87 lead and a kenwood patch lead, my unit is the dnx4230dab, built in garmin nav, parrot blue tooth. fantastic unit if you need built in nav but does bump the price up quite a bit

if anyone is looking for the lead, absolute bargain on ebay
>my unit is the dnx4230dab

Wow, that's a beast of a system at a beast of a price! Very nice. I already have a satnav so looking to go for a single DIN I think.


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