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Berlingo cuts out and won't start
Hi I have a 2009 citreon berlingo1.6 desil 90k miles That keeps on cutting out ...... It all started about five weeks ago. I was driving down a road only doing about 30 35 mph and it started flashing up anti polution on the centre screen thing! after about ten seconds I came to a complete stop and I was unable to get it started again .i had to be towed home. The mechanic came out and got it started it ran for about five mins then it just cuts out and will cut every time then wont start for a while so he put it on diagnostic and it it ddnt cum up with any faults very odd.... But he said its most likely AGR valve and or crank sensor he suggested starting with the cheaper one first (crank) and if it wasn't that try AGR valve. So I did both of these and has not fixed it or made it any beta and still it is really difficult to start and only runs for a few mins. It seems to start quicker on cold days but are still having to use spray starter....Its defo not the starter motor it still turns over. So then I've had all four injectors replaced because i was told it has to be the injectorS but after doing that its still is doing the same thing . I knowi should of taken it to citreon but they wanted £500 to supply and fit starter motors about 6 months ago I had it done part in all else were for less than £100 so I did want to avoid going there! I've also put a new desil fuel filter on it as it seems to be. Fuel related issue I haven't a clue now disel pump is working so has anyone any idea what's wrong with it???? Please
I've been without a van for five weeks now its making my work really difficult.I'm not to impressed with citreon it only just out of warranty. I brought the van because I had the mk1 berlingo for seven years it never let me down and went through most mots pretty cheaply so if anyone can help thanks .kevin
Sounds like a contaminated FAP (DPF) and/or Cat.
BTW welcome!
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Thanks for your replay ol'jeffers but what dose that mean? and why do you think it could be these things ? I'm not gunna pretend lol I don't know a lot about mechanics
FAP is Citroenspeak for DPF which stands for diesel particulate filter. A filter in the exhaust
system which takes out a lot of the soot which diesels chuck out. Cat. is an abbreviation for Catalytic Converter
which cleans the exhaust on both petrol and diesel engines. I'm not 100% sure but I believe that a similar question
was asked a while back and the solution was either the removal of the Cat. (OR the DPF) I can't remember which.
Your mechanic would also do well to check the EGR valve for excessive soot build up. (Remove it and look! If necessary clean it.)
This is often caused by using the wrong oil ( an old, done to death chestnut!) So you need to check what oil has been put in.
if it's anything other than the correct type then I would expect you'll find a very coked up engine.
Oil of these 1.6TDi motors really needs to be changed at 6,000 mile intervals. (Your turbo will thank you!)
The Older I get the Better I Was!  Cool
If it said anti pollution filter, why not start with that? instead of playing parts bingo that's probably cost you a grand so far Confusedcratch:
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(12-09-2013, 04:15 PM)steve valentine Wrote:  If it said anti pollution filter, why not start with that? instead of playing parts bingo that's probably cost you a grand so far Confusedcratch:
. Thanks for your dosnt say anti polution filter. just said anti polution and engine light came on. then I looked online and it said this cud be for lots of different reasons. I had crank sensor changed because it was only thing to show up on dignoastic even tho machanic said he didn't think it was this,but was worth a try as it read a fault with it and not costing the earth. i had the AGR valve changed because the machanic suggested cleaning it but when he took it off it had a whole the black plastic bit as if sum thing had been rubbing against it and worn it away. So thought this must be cause of problem.he then checked a few other parts witch he thought it could have mite been Like fuel pump and lots of other bits
He said he cuddnt find anything wrong
I can't remember what now. He Then changed the fuel filter still nothing. He said to me it's got to be the fuel injectors saying it has to be this as it seems like fuel is getting stuck and not getting to the engine there for cutting I let him I do it I found sum online a lot cheaper than anywere around my way for brand new.
I know he cud of tested the injectors and found they were working and ddnt need changing I was under the impression he had checked and found they were faulty and causing the problem . So when he fitted them and it wasn't working I have to say I wasn't happy.he told me it was defo this if he wasnt sure i dnt think he should of done the job How should i know thats why people like me employ a mechanic to find fault and fix fault so After a chat lol he agreed not to charge for labour for fuel injectors I suppose now that its done 90kmiles they need doing at sum point I guess. May be he was having a bad day.i dnt know but he came highly recommended so when a machanic tells you this is what's and after i do this it will work I believed him why shouldn't he know what he's doing? So not bingo and it hasn't cost close that (yet)
Would the FAP DPF have that much effect to totally cut the engine out and make it almost impossible to start it won't run any longer than a 2,3mins ?with no warning it's never said anti polution was driving fine no smoke started that morning and always did first time just checking and passing on bit more info just seems crazy that a filter can be fine one min and the next make my van useless? .... But hay what do I know lol thanks for replies I will keep you updated

Sorry bit hard to read and the bad English I'm using a phone

Wow can you tell wrote that pissed
Ok, this is a wild card but it will cost nothing to try.

Take the fuel filler cap off and see if it runs ok without it. If the vent on the cap is blocked then it will start but soon the call on the fuel creates a vacuum and stops the engine.

Probably is more complicated than this but try it. Good luck.
You could have a blocked catalytic converter or dpf, you really need to get it connected to a lexia diagnostic machine. There is an indipendant citroen garage near you It may be worth trying them. I dont see why he would change the injectors if you had no fault codes. Good luck with this kev it can be a bloody pain sorting out elusive problems.
Are we there yet????? Huh
Ex 1.6hdi van now 3 seater 1.4 multispace
I'd go with the DPF issue.

Yes a blocked DPF can stop you starting.

Do you do mainly short journeys? Did you have the pollution fault message come up before the running problems started?

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