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How to make brakes feel firmer
Hi all,

I am just wondering is there is a way to make my brake pedal feel firmer when I apply pressure to the pedal, currently my brakes feel soft and the pedal travels nearly to the floor but if I pump the pedal a couple of times they feel firmer and less spongy. I do not have any leaks and have new pads.

Top up the brake fluid?
It's air in the rears usually. Utter bastards to bleed.
(20-09-2013, 11:18 AM)addo Wrote:  It's air in the rears usually. Utter bastards to bleed.
Ohhh! Big Grin
Philip the brake fluid is full,

Addo I'll give bleeding the rears a go and see how it turns out.

If its not air in system what can be done to firm up the brake pedal
If it isnt air in the system, its possible (esp if its a high mileage vehicle)
the master cylinder/seals are getting worn and fluid pressure is getting past them
C15 interloper (I just snuck in one day)
I find that the rear automatic adjusters(drum brakes) don't adjust tight enough. If the h/brake has less than 7-8 clicks,slacken the cable off.Remove the drums,ensure all is free & moving well.
Adjust the auto adjuster 3 or 4 clicks & refit drum.Repeat until you have a light scuffing noise but NO binding.Finally adjust the h/brake cable.:thumbsup:Confusedalut:
Strawberry flavoured windows  Dodgy
You state you have new pads. Sometimes (depending on the composition of the pad) new pads can make the brakes spongey intill they have bedded in.

I once replaced the pads on my frontera and they immediately went spongey and the pedal went into the carpet with no effect. I live on quite a steep hill, so i needed a new pair of boxer shorts. I looked for leaks or buldging braided hoses but i could find anything. I decided to take to to my nearest garage but on the drive there i managed to get more and more effort - and less pedal travel - out of the brake pedal. after the run in period my brake pedal was firm and the brakes worked without lifting a spanner.

It may not be the same, but its something to think about .
That happens with new pads/old discs because the pads have to bed into the ridges on the discs.I always roadtest & apply SHORT hard jabs on the pedal to bed them in.You have to do this as most customers will complain even when you explain the bedding in procedure before they leave the workshop.It's not the best thing to do,but it's that or the customer driving through a wall or somones boot.Confusedalut:
Strawberry flavoured windows  Dodgy
The amount of air that can get trapped in Peugeot brakes (and here I mean cars with the trailing arm/cross torsion bars rear beam suspension) via its U-shaped flex hoses is quite significant. I've bled plenty of brakes, and still with these often pump through over a litre with the load sensing valve hardwired open.

Also the U-bend flex hoses are frequently in too tight a bend radius and they internally constrict.

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