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national speed limit ,in a berlingo van
any body know if its 60mph or 70 mph on a dually ? i read that car based vans are 70 but is the berlingo van in that group?

im wary of speeding as i got done for doing 37 in a 30 earlier this yr and dont want to get zapped

if this topics already been discussed i apologize in advance
70 mph on a dual-carriageway with a central reservation.
No Berlingo is any different from a car.
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As Ol'Jeffers says and expanded :-
Berlingo van or car , 30, 60, 70, 70
Van with no car version eg Transit etc. 30 , 50 , 60 , 70

Built up area , two way carriageway , dual carriageway , motorway .
cheers for that info lads . i do a lot of driving in my van for work and you know how it is, bobbies with handheld zappers are everywhere now.

Vans and ‘car-derived’ vans

Most vans are under 7.5 tonnes laden (loaded) weight and must follow the speed limits for goods vehicles of the same weight.

‘Car-derived’ vans weigh no more than 2 tonnes when loaded and are based on car designs, for example:

Ford Fiesta van
Vauxhall Astra van
Fiat Punto van
Peugeot 207 van
Renault Clio van

The Berlingo van is is under 2 tonnes when fully loaded, and the body is identical (minus the windows) to the MPV version behind the B pillar so it would appear to fit the car derived van category.

If you look deeper into the car derived van definition the rules say that the body of the van should be identical to that of the car. It has been argued that the old shaped Vauxhall Combo for example may not fit the car derived van category even though they are based on the Corsa (and the V5 classes it as a car derived van), because the body is different behind the B pillar. However I drove Combo's for 6 years and stuck to the car limits and the only time I got a speeding ticket was for being a few mph over in a 30.
It's surprising how many people don't know the "National Speed Limit" values. As Ol Jeffers says on a dual carriageway, unless otherwise stated, it is 70mph. And he correctly defines a dual carriageway, i.e. it has a central reservation. So a road of only one lane, but with a central reservation, then an opposite lane, is a dual carriageway. People I have driven with on single lane dual carriageways have told me the limit is only 60.
Driving is too complicated these days!
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The berlingo isn't a car derived van, it's a light goods vehicle.
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It used to be a van (referred to as a panel van in the log book of my mark1) so 50mph on a single carriageway road.

However my Mk2 is described as "Car Derived" in the log book. So without any doubt in my mind I can do 60 on a single carriageway.

Be interesting to know what it says in the log book "V5" of others. Was the Mk1 a van and the Mk2 a car ????
Here's the rules:
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(22-09-2013, 02:34 PM)corij Wrote:  cheers for that info lads . i do a lot of driving in my van for work and you know how it is, bobbies with handheld zappers are everywhere now.

Tell me about it! I've always been pretty careful of speed limits, but must have taken me eye off the ball in Herefordshire last week. Got zapped at 35mph in a 30 limit - never even saw the van, just got a letter from West Mercia police a couple of days later.
My own fault no doubt, but it still p****d me off having had a clean licence until now. But £100 fine and 3 points?! Anyone remember when coppers used to pull you in and give you a bollocking?
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