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New owner! berlingo lots of miles turbo worries
Hi, all I have just brought a berlingo Mrk3 1.6 turbo 2009 lx 625 it's done 120000 miles it has no official service history but I was a assured it. Has been service reguarly just not by citreon I was given loads of receipts for service parts but it has never had any stamps. it drives really well! engine sounds normal. it seemed a good deal At the time. but now all I read is about TURBO Failure. This van has the original turbo from new, so am I driving around in a turbo time bomb? as it could break any day! or am I worrying about nothing? and just keep up regular services an hope for the best! i know the van only takes a special type of total oil that you can get from citreon I was told this from the man I brought it from so I guess he only used this oil. Is there any way I can clean the turbo? what can i do to help it last longer? Is there a way to tell if a turbo is on its way out? Or should I just replace the turbo before it breaks as this wud be cheaper than waiting for it to break where i cud I get this done? Any ideas how much it cost to change a turbo....Has anyone got a Mk3 berlingo turbo 1.6 that has done 100k plus on the same tubo? If so how many miles what's your tips for doing this. is there anything else I should keep an eye on i would be really thankful jack! All so the air feeder pipe from front of van to the engine has a missing section a black pipe anyone have any ideas were I can get one? or should I jut get sumthing similar and use sum trusty duck tape as its just air ? Cheer all any tips advice welcome first diesel van
Welcome Jack!
As most will tell you the correct oil is crucial on these 1.6TDi motors.
as you have 120,000 miles on the clock clearly someone has been doing things
reasonably well. I would get a full service with all fluids changed from an
independent Citroen/Peugeot repairer to be on the safe side and then you'll
have some peace of mind.
The Older I get the Better I Was!  Cool
Well if it's done 120,000 miles on the same turbo then its been looked after well. As has been said get it fully serviced and enjoy it. Mine has only done a mere 57,000 on a 09. Just change the oil every 6-8 thousand miles or so depending on your use.
Hello Jack welcome to the forum remember you only read about the one's that
have gone wrong there are many other's still going strong keep it serviced and enjoy
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If you had a day to spare, visiting one of the indies like Lighty would be a step towards further peace of mind. I realise it's a couple of hours each way.
(23-09-2013, 08:38 AM)addo Wrote:  If you had a day to spare, visiting one of the indies like Lighty would be a step towards further peace of mind. I realise it's a couple of hours each way.

Forge Motor Company in Cookham, near Maidenhead would be a good bet if Jack is in Reading..
Mines a 58 plate 120000 miles just towed a 1200kg caravan 250 miles and driving another 250 miles on Saturday no problems original turbo full service history Smile
I have just px'd my 133k Mk3 Enterprise, it was independently serviced till 60k then done by me at 1ok intervals.

Performed 100% with no hassles at all !!!!!
I've only had mine since November (brand new) and it's been the best van we've had for 30,000mls and no issues, and serviced on 12,000ml without fail coming up to 3rd service in 6 months Smile
63 plate Berlingo working hard.....
Hi Jack

All the above advice is sound , yes they do like a certain oil and its important to service it at the correct intervals or sooner.

I got my oil from Amazon ( Total quartz ineo ecs 5w30) , not a silly price , there are lots of other suppliers.

My van is only used for personal use as I have changed jobs and now have a firms van.

I change the oil at 6k or six months , some might say excessive but I feel it is worth doing.

Some of the guys on here have done huge mileages with little trouble , just regular servicing .

Don't panic too much , service it and enjoy !


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