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Heater control panel bulb replace
Just to help people trying to replace this bulb, after taking the tray, trim strip, two torx screws and heater unit white clips out you can get away with pushing the whole heater control unit downwards behind the dash so its parallel with the floor and you can just about get your hand or long tweezers in to unscrew the brown bulb holder/s. You can do this without removing it from the dash but only just. Getting the whole unit back in so the little clips align takes a bit of time but is easily done after a few minutes fiddling. Dont lose the bulb holders down the dash!

286 Capless Dashboard Car Bulbs 12v 1.2w x10
^^search for this on amazon or fleabay they are the correct bulb i got 10 for £2. I just pulled out the old bulb from the brown holder thing and inserted new bulb. Yes you can buy the bulb holders but why bother when you can just replace the bulb.

I replaced the bulbs last week. I found it was easier (for me), to access them from the front and just pull them out as described in the german forum.

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(13-12-2015, 05:06 AM)Eneuerberli Wrote:

I replaced the bulbs last week. I found it was easier (for me), to access them from the front and just pull them out as described in the german forum.

I have just replaced mine, what I done was after taking out the 4screws was push it down inside fascia and it wedges itself in and the back is visible and then use a small pair of pliers as couldn't even turn with fingers.
Just had to replace both  bulbs in the heater control unit. Couldn't have done it without all the help. I found trying extract the bulb holders form the back with mirror 10mm socket and blutak approach far to difficult with big hands. Procedure for my approach which follows the German link of removing the face of heater control unit and replacing bulbs from the front are:
  1. Released the tray under the radio by inserting thin blade in the two sides to release the lugs and it slides out easy.
  2. Remove the dash strip UNDER the control unit and just above the row of switches with include the emergency indicator switch. Again used thin tool to release lugs on the top and then the sides and it lifts up and out.
  3. Undo the two torx screws at base of control unit.
  4. There are two white clips also at the base . Use a flat screwdriver to prize them out and push back. Then push bottom of unit back into the cavity behind and the top drops down.
  5. You can then see and access the 6 plastic clips (2 on top and 2 on bottom and 1 on each of the sides) which hold the black face of unit to the white box. I used a thin small hooked tool to unclip the clips (see pix).
  6. I then used my mobile phone to take a picture to record the position of the dials (they do move easily when the face is free) so they would be in same position when refitting
  7. I the carefully eased the front off (it is still within the cavity) the clear plastic that surrounds the inside of the unit may come of or stay with the box. Take note of its position. You can also remove a rubber surround at the top of the box as it gets in the way of removing the blown bulbs.
  8. Replace the bulbs and TEST.
  9. I then refixed the white box that I removed in 4. This gives a firmer stable position to refix the front of the heater unit. It is a bit of a faff need to locate the top in front of the bar of the dash frame  first and then push in the lower white lugs at the bottom towards you.
  10. Once it is secure . Replace the rubber and the clear plastic surround.
  11. RETEST the bulbs again of mine had become loose!
  12. Then having made sure the dials are where they were on removal fix the front to the white backing box. You should hear the six lugs click in.
  13. Replace the two screws and the bottom dash cover and refix the lower dash strip and then the top tray (both clip in easily)
  14. TEST again and breathe a sign of f....... relief !!

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  • slingerflinger
Well ive replaced my bulbs and have now found that one of them has a slightly loose contact on the bulb holder to the circuit board. Does anyone know how to fix this? Can it be fixed with a conductive pen/gel on the bulb holder contacts?

Can you not just bend the terminals of the bulb holder a little so it makes a tighter contact?

My vehicle .... 2006 (m59) Berlingo Multispace Desire - 1.6 HDI 92 
Will give it a try at the weekend but it looked light I had to press down on the bulb holder at the back to make it contact yesterday....
Thanks for this thread! I have followed it and succeded with the replacement BUT the lamp is not working anyway.
I have contacted the workshop in order for them to order a bulb holder for me.

Do you think that this is the error or should I look anywhere else (I suppose I could switch the two holders. The one that I think works and vice versa)?

The car = Berlingo 2014

Thanks in advance // Johan Gustafsson
I would like to add som information/the solution to my issue. The issue itself was the lamp holder (the brown one). No separate partnumber so I had to buy a new (new for me) heater control. But, problem solved!

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