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Hi all

I am purchasing a second hand bsi kit complete from another vehicle.

If someone would be so kind as to set out the steps I need to take in order, once the physical works are complete i.e. codes....

I do have a lexia.

Citroen Berlingo 19d mk2, 2002

I am planning on doing the physical work and am not going to attempt any programing if I feel its above me. I just want to cut costs where I can, and pay when Its a must.

Thanks for looking.
You mentioned in your previous post about water damage to the BSI. What did that involve exactly? Would it not be possible to clean the BSI PCB? I inderstand that might not be easy with relays, connectors in the way. But is it not worth trying some PCB cleaner? I got a motor controller PCB for a disability scooter (not mine!) going again after cleaning it with toothbrush and PCB cleaner.
It's not that much work, presuming the donor is an identical spec vehicle.

With the battery off, swap the engine ECU, clocks, BSI and ignition barrel. Power up and make sure the key is recognised. You should be good to go.
if you fit just the bsi from a donor van it wont work unless you get it wiped the you will need you customer code ie bsi code to go into the unit and set it up its not the key pass number
and the dealers will no longer give you the codes not even if you pay for them all so if your van is diesel
you may need pump module to go with the kit
Thanks Addo

So the only thing is going to be the change in mileage? How would i get around that if that is possible
There are people who do mileage correction.

Does your new "kit" include the paired pump/immobiliser?
I thought i would Re cap on why i am having to replace the BSI complete kit for anyone having same issue.


Work so far

Called out mech to diagnose faults
driver+passenger airbag/ ecu undefined/ datab wire faults
Replaced pre-tentioners
Replaced COMS 2000 (had dodgy indicator stalk and integrated clock spring anyway, needed anyway)
Airbag ECU Reset
Didn't want to keep paying call out costs so bought Lexia 3. flea bay had trouble with the software sent with unit. found software else ware + keygen
Faults as follows:

1. Passenger Airbag deactivation not defined
Fault Code 106F
Fault characterisation Coherence
Fault Type Remote

2. ECU Internal (van interface) Not Defined
Fault Code 1F40
Fault characterisation Coherence
Fault Type Remote

3. (BSI) Communication on the DATAB Wire with the Engine relay unit.

4. battery charge

5. Communication fault with airbag ECU.
Fixed and erased the driver airbag fault
Came across this brilliant post
Inspected the bsi to find water damage and tampered burn marks from previous owner or would have followed above post.
Tracked down bsi kit complete from Campbelltown French Dismantle rs with Vin, had long conversation on phone and also with another mechanic who think i am good to go once kit fitted other than the mileage change.
waiting for parts to arrive fingers crossed all goes well and anyone who wishes to add anything constructive that helps feel free to do so.

(02-10-2013, 09:29 AM)addo Wrote:  There are people who do mileage correction.

Does your new "kit" include the paired pump/immobiliser?

ill update when delivered parts mate before any fitting

If someone could please confirm that I have what I need please?

Looks good to go, to me.

Remove all these existing components as a set after powering down, I'm not 100% on how you swap the key lock but it shouldn't be too hard if you look carefully with the cowl off. I'd refit this first, then fit the BSI, then the clocks, new ECU, finally the BSM then reconnect the battery.

Under no circumstances "mix and match" old/new BSI, dash and ECU.

Also for peace of mind I would obtain the secure code for the donor parts, if possible the key cutting code too - and get a spare ignition key cut/coded.

Now... A note for the more adventurous. Testing has revealed the chip in Xantia keys can be coded and re-coded to as many cars as you please. The Berlingo uses a different chip, even though the key looks familiar. I don't know if it can be reassigned, but someone should have a crack. If this is possible, future swaps would not require a donor key - just the secure code, BSI, dash clocks, ECU.
Thanks addo

Will tackle on weekend

Just to be sure, I wont need to program anything ?

Also my central locking was not working ever since I got the van which I think is part of the same bsi issue, the key with the ignition is not a button fob just a key, will my own fob work ? on the system.( manually using anyway so not a bother if not)

Will I need to program the radio?

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