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berlingo from hell
:brickwall: no longer needed
I've got one that I simply can't match to the ECU - sounds very similar.
but this one has all the original parts back on the car with the virgin bsi still no go uless the brain has fried sum thing else on jump starting it iam thinking on removing the anti tamp plate on the pump to bypass the module as long as it retains the solenoid like the early ones
Well TBH there's nothing wrong with the car except the previous owner!
Why is it that people assume that they can do a job which calls for specialist knowledge and procedures.
First thing is to observe the correct shut down procedure. Then disconnect the battery. If your predecessor
did none of that a number of times its possible he may have corrupted some data.
What can I say? I think you may be in over your head here and you need to get a Citroen familiar auto-electrician
to at least run Lexia on it to see if any fault codes have been generated and if so what can be done.
Jump starting, once again, if done correctly can be done without damaging anything.
The Older I get the Better I Was!  Cool
hi have been using lexia on it to configure the bsi the dash has no comms with bsi and will not match pump module to the ecu but bsi is matched to ecu and as the ign wont shut its causing problems trying to configure other stuff wear you need to cycle the ign ... this should been straight forward but not looking good
Sometimes even the best planned fixes go wrong and everything you try to rescue the situation just seems to make matters worse. In the end the only sensible thing to do is eat humble pie and get a professional to look at it. Sorry to say, but I reckon this is one of those times Jay!
'56 Multispace 1.6HDi - Iron Grey
hi pigeonpost yes indeed i agree lol
I battled for months trying to fix an electrical fault on my BMW R100 a few years ago as I didn't fancy paying megabucks to a dealer 40 miles away. In the end I had to give in. They fixed the fault and the cost wasn't nearly as bad as I feared. Hope your experience is the same. It would be a shame to have your Blingo relationship permanently blighted!
'56 Multispace 1.6HDi - Iron Grey

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