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Turbo failure advice please
Hi everyone,

I’ve read with increasing concern about the problems with early turbo failure on the 1.6hdi. engine. From what I gather a new type of injector bolt was designed to resolve the problem. Could someone please let me know when engines with the new bolts were used in the Berlingo?

I’ve also read Confusedtudy: that the 1.6hdi dirties the engine oil like no other engine and that it seems to hold the carbon instead of getting rid of it out of the exhaust (I assume this problem was connected with the loose injector bolts allowing the carbon into the engine). Some seem to recommend engine flushing at every oil change but others warn that flushing can damage the seals on the piston rings. Confusedcratch: Since the redesigned injector bolts has anyone noticed an improvement in the condition of the old oil when carrying out oil changes and is the general view out there that the new injector bolts have solved the turbo failure /dirty oil problem with these engines?
the injector bolts when really loose make a pfft pfft noise, my ones I checked myself and were not loose but I tightened them slightly, quite easy to do or something I would advise the person who services your van to check. my advice would be forget citroens oil service details and do it more often, mine is done every 6-7000 miles with the correct low sap oil with the oil hot and then left to drain for at least an hour. the mk3 version hdi had less problems than the mk2 1.6 hdi after some changes were made to the oil feed pipe. I have met someone with a mk3 turbo failure and when chatting found out a mate serviced it and he had no idea about the correct low sap psa approved oil. im not 100% but I believe the 2012 facelift has the different bolts you mentioned. I would personally also advise changing you fuel filter more often than citroen say, I had my engine cut out at 50mph all sorts of warning lights flashing and it was just the filter blocked. there is lots of great info on this site, have a look round
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Just to point out that the low sap oil is Low Sulpher, which is to prevent dpf damage, so a 90bhp Berlingo doesnt have a dpf, so presumably a top quality 5/30 synthetic will be fine.
The injector retaining bolts have really no impact on turbo life expectancy.
The correct oil and oil changes every 6000-8000 miles are the secret along with servicing
by a company who actually know what they're doing. Euro emission regulations are to blame and the motorist
is expected to pick up the tab. IMHO EGR valves should be scrapped. That's the device responsible for re-
introducing the carbon back into the engine. At the moment this is perfectly legal to remove as diesels
are not subject to the same MoT procedures as petrol engineed cars.
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Look around you, how many Citroens, Peugeots, Fords, Volvos, Minis do you see? All these makes use the same 1.6hdi in some of their models. This is probably the most common car diesel in Europe. Some do have turbos fail, most don't. What is important for these engines is oil/filter change at correct interval, correct oil drain procedure & correct oil used. Citroen recommended oil is Total Quartz ineo ecs 5w/30 but other makes of oil of same spec can be used. So ensure whoever services your car does this. Obviously a main dealer workshop should do this but any garage is capable of servicing engine correctly if they know now what they are doing.

It does appear that doing plenty of motorway miles is most kind to turbo & slow driving in heavy traffic least kind. This engine has been about over 10yrs now so later examples must be better than earlier ones.
hi as a newbee and not got my berlingo yet i did have a petrol turbo car that they said after a high speed run let the engine idle for about 5 mis or so to cool the turbo down is this the same for the hdi.
Also i am a bit worried about town journeys with the hdi due to the particulate filter any advice on what to do to keep it in clean if doing low miles.
Remove and remap.
The advice to idle a turbo engine before turning off has been about since the first turbo trucks in the 60s, I do this meself, I'm guessing reason is that if turbo is still spinning when engine is off there will be no oil feed to turbo.

Provided car gets a non stop 50mph 6 mile run down an open road every few wks I would have though that would be enough to regenerate dpf.
Thanks for all the replies and advice. I currently drive a 2005 Romahome (small camper van) that has the 1.9 diesel Berlingo as the base vehicle. The newer Romahome models I’m looking at use the Berlingo 1.6hdi engine hence my concern about the turbo problems.

Like Citroenxtr, I’m a bit worried about low mileage. My van will probably only cover about 5k or 6k annually although when used most single journeys are likely to be at least 80+ miles. Some advice seems to be to the drive the vehicle hard – I assume that means hard acceleration and 70 on the motorways? Will ensure annual oil & filter changes with the Citroen recommended oil.
(03-10-2013, 11:51 AM)Terry ww Wrote:  ...when used most single journeys are likely to be at least 80+ miles.
Some advice seems to be to the drive the vehicle hard –
I assume that means hard acceleration and 70 on the motorways?
Will ensure annual oil & filter changes with the Citroen recommended oil.

Yes, that would be just the ticket! You don't need to drive the 1.6HDi 'hard' and you'll find cruising at 70mph well
within the comfort zone of the engine. Mine will cruise at significantly higher speeds if required *cough*! If you were
to drive 80 miles at 55-60 mph that would easily be sufficient to keep the engine happy.
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