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Antipolution p0192
Hi can someone please help me:brickwall: my 2007 berlingo desire hdi 1.6 started playing up last month, suddenly cut out with antipolution fault on display and yellow engine light on dash illuminated, restarted and cut out as soon as I accelerated several times, got the AA out and had fault code p0192 but was running perfectly ok all reading were now, fine got me to drive round car park and was ok! He put it down to low fuel as I had got fuel shortly before incident as fuel light had come on, followed me home and all was ok, week and several hundred mikes later did it again kept restarting cutting out about 10 times then was ok again, took to local garage with original fault code from AA they could find nothing wrong, few days later did it again got aAA back, same chap this time busy road so towed me to CItroen garage, he explained the fault to them and older chap says it's the fuel filter, they fitted new filter and some kind of fuel treatment £144! Wasn't confident when I saw on the invoice " first course of action" two days later cuts out but recovered more quickly than before, since then it's been doing it intermittently some times every day sometimes a week! But every now and then I feel it miss and then it cuts out a little further on, any ideas would be very greatful
Thanks Allan
Get the fault log read on Lexia. There should be a stack of stored data on these events, use the menu option to sort them by number of appearances.

While you're here reading, make sure you've followed all advices on prolonging the turbo life and tightening the injector retainer nuts.
Thanks for the reply, sorry not sure what you mean by Lexia?
It's one version of the official dealer software for diagnosing Citroëns. The newer version is called Diagbox. Both are readily available in pirated format, with replica diagnostic plugs, and many French car indies run one. Much more versatile than generic scan tools like your AA man wields.
Ah bit to complex for me! Not only that if the Citroen garage couldn't get it right I certainly won't! But thanks for the reply
QUOTE Allan: " Not only that if the Citroen garage couldn't get it right I certainly won't! "

Take it to a Citroen/Peugeot Independent repairer......much cheaper and they will know what they're talking about.
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This fault is one of the worst you can have with a 1.6 Hdi. First thing to do is change the fuel filter, and fuel treatment is a good approach, would normally be £70 ish. The fault refers to low fuel rail pressure, so it makes sense to change the filter, which has about a 90% success rate, obviously you would appear to be in the 10 % that isn't lucky.
To repair the car from this point, you need some accurate diagnostics, and this can be tricky. I have found that the fuel pressure regulator in the high pressure pump can cause this issue. Only some are available, so in the past I have sourced second hand ones, because they are not available new. Pump manufacturers seem to not want them changing, so an exchange pump is the next solution, but they are dreadful to fit on the 1,6, taking many hours, and lots of cost.
There could be other causes . such as a faulty injector or dodgy rail pressure switch. The skill is in diagnosing the exact problem.
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No independent Citroen dealer over here on the not so Sunny Isle of Wight! Might try and find someone specialising in diesels, cut out again today, felt slight cough then about 1/4 mile later up comes the anti pollution fault again, on top of the engine is a black bulb type of thingy which I think is used to prime fuel system squeezed that a few times feels quite spongy as though airy, car started afterwards and was ok again, the fault doesn't seem to last for so long now but is very intermittent although I often feel it cough?
Thanks for all the replies, really gutted about this, cars only done 43000! Got it about a year and a half ago after some idiot wrote my Kangoo off which never let me down :-(
Hi Allan,Seeing you live on the IOW,do you only use it for short runs at lowish speeds? My 1.6 HDi goes better after a mobile dcoke if I have been bumbling around.I don't try to do too many short runs for that reason.I use Shell diesel & millers additive which I find helps.:thumbsup:
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Hi, no I do quite a lot of miles a week as I use it for business, fair mixture of short and longish journeys

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