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immobiliser question
Dear All
Been having "issues" with my Berlingo van (see multi plug harness thread) and slowly but surely with bumps on the way I think Im getting somewhere. For original fault see the multi harness thread) anyway.....I had an auto electrician out to it who ran a few checks but said he couldnt do anything with the van as the harness multi plug looked defective (corrosion etc). He found an immobiliser under the dash and removed it but said he thought it had already been disarmed previously. I didnt know it existed. Painstakingly I labelled every wire on the multi harness, cut them and ground the multi plug on the bench grinder to identify which wire went to which pin. I bypassed the multi plug and did this succesfully and put her back together. Hey presto got power to glow plugs and even dash light works and goes out as it should BUT I now got an illuminated key light on dash. Van will not start. I dont know if this is as a result of my work or the auto electrician removing the immobiliser. My neighbour is a retired mechanic and he cracked an injector off and found no fuel cetting through. In my limited judgement I think its the fuel shut off thats not energising because of some electric fault. I dont even know if the van (51 plate 1.9d) had any kind of factory immobilisation system before the add-on one was fitted (unlikely). The key for the van is a citroen key (has the logo stamped in) but has no chip or anything in it - its like a spare. The light on the dash says the van doesnt recognise the key. Does my van have any sort of immobilisation system still on it and secondly, I have power reaching the plug to the solenoid when the key is turned but I hear no click from the solenoid. Help.
HBoL states:-

"An engine immobiliser is fitted as standard to most models........When the key is inserted into the ignition switch it uses the current present in the sensor ring (which is fitted to the ignition switch housing) to send a signal to the immobiliseer electronic control unit (ECU). On pre 2001 model year vehicles, the ECU is located under the facia, on the driver's side. On post 2001 model year vehicles, the ECU is incorporated into the Builtin Systems Interface (BSI)."

I would read pre and post 2001 model year as Mk1 and Mk2.

It would seem that your auot electrician MIGHT have removed the original immobiliser
The auto electrician said it was an add on ( I kept the immobiliser its a thatcham)There were two motion sensors on the interior, an alarm switch that activates when the bonnet is lifted, a miniature key pad adhered to windscreen. All writing on immobiliser is English, nothing in French. I think we'll just have a bash at doing something with the fuel shut off to get her going again.
Yes, the bonnet switch & keypad give it away. Sorry can't be more help
We've put a replacement solenoid onto the fuel pump, checked with a multimeter that power is going to the solenoid (see later) but we cant get fuel out of the pump. Cant get the solenoid to open it seems. Ive been told to put everything back together (obviously we had the fuel pump off) time her up etc plug in the feed plug to the socket on the pump and then put a direct live to both of the feeds (its a three pin plug, we believe one is earth) and see if it opens. Failing this, I'll pull the plunger out and face up to stalling it to stop. Anybody want a cheap Berlingo van?
Can't beat the old stop cable, but even they were a PITA sometimes....
Berlingo Multispace 2.0HDI '54 reg Mediterranean Blue

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