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Lidl Aluminium Roof Bars
Just noticed on a Lidl flyer pushed through my door that they are selling horizontal roof bars to attach to cars that already have roof rails

They are £26.99 and have a maximum roof width of 1070mm, but I don't know whether these will fit

The centre to centre measurement of the mk3 rails is about 1050mm to 1060mm

Might just pop in and see if they are big enough
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Good luck,you'll have no probs with quality.
Strawberry flavoured windows  Dodgy
Just remember the weight limit on the Modutop roof.

2012 Iron Grey XTR 110 with lots of bits and bobs.
What is the limit?
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I believe it's 35 kilos.....but I won't use the Modutop roof bars at all as if it is loaded
it can exacerbate the liklihood of a leak in the roof panel. I would use the standard roof bar mounts
having first removed the Modutop bars. I do not know whether the Mk.3 has van type roofbar mounts.
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Ref the last comment - can you illuminate me as to roof bars on a modutop equipped car? We have one and I was only last week thinking of swivelling the roof bars round as an experiment but also for when we buy our Christmas tree in a month or so's time...
The rails on the Modutop are fitted to it and it's basically held to the chasis by the rubber seal that goes all round the 'hole' in the top of the vehicle.

Some people have had concerns or issues with the seal leaking and linked it to the use of the bars etc...

Personally, I have had mine over 9 years and used the roof bars lots for carrying stuff, decent sized roof box for holidays and camping etc and I have never had any problem with it at all. I am sure it's had more than 35kg on it at times too...

I personally wouldn't hesitate to use it for an xmas tree as I am not convinced the link between using the roof box and leaks is warranted. I expect it's more down to a perished rubber seal from being weathered, but each to there own.

All I can say is I've used it and abused it and never had any problem.
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Cheers Tucker - did that involve fitting additional lateral bars, or swivelling the fitted ones round? Actually, can all the modutop bars be turned through 90 degrees? I know in the manual it says the fixings are under the plastic end caps, but I've not looked yet. Will wait until it's a cold day so they can snap.... Wink
Poke some WD40 down the open holes daily for a week or so,& DON'T force the screws or they'll break.Confusedalut:
Strawberry flavoured windows  Dodgy
Just to confirm Citroen Customer Service reckon the weight limit on the MK3 roof bars is 100kg - both for standard & Modutop bars.
2015 Cactus Feel BlueHDi
2014 Dispatch Van LWB
Ex 2013 Berlingo XTR 1.6HDi 115 owner

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